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AU Bingo Card

My au_bingo card:

Fantasy & Supernatural: VampiresOther: PrisonFuture: UtopiaFantasy & Supernatural: GhostsFantasy & Supernatural: Author's Choice
Other: Animals (anthropomorphic or not)Other: CelebritiesFantasy & Supernatural: Gods and GoddessesOther: ProstitutesOther: Criminals
Historical: RegencyHistorical: PrehistoricFREEHistorical: PiratesOther: Disney
Other: MutantsFantasy & Supernatural: Witches and WizardsFuture: Author's ChoiceAlternate History: Major historical event changedOther: Genderbent
Other: SlavesFuture: CyberpunkHistorical: WesternOther: MilitaryOther: Police

:D :D :D

Tags: bingo card, fandom ilu

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