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{Big Bang Art Post!}

It's spn_j2_bigbang time again!

I got to create art for the amazing In a Faraway Land You'll Find Yourself, by the equally fabulous dugindeep. I have no willpower against J2 AUs that involve world-building and giant dogs ♥

These are all full size versions of some of the banners at the top of each chapter - go read the fic for context and more art!

Jensen saying hello to Sadie, his steed for the journey. I just wanted to draw a giant dog :D

The White Palace! In my head it's the love-child of Camelot and Hogwarts.

Jared in his armour, ready for battle. My references came from Google, Merlin, and me just making things up, so any inaccuracies are entirely my fault.

Happy endings ♥

Now, if you haven't already, go read the fic!
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