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Hetalia fic.

I have so much fic on the hetalia_kink meme that I've never got around to de-anoning with. Also I have an essay that I'm avoiding. yay, distractions.

Hetalia; Prussia/Romano; NC-17
for the kink meme. The request was for Prussia/Romano on a rainy day.

It's raining. Romano can't summon the energy to scowl at it, so he just leans on the windowsill and rests his chin on the palm of his hand, sighing heavily as the rain pelts against the window. It looks dark and cold and horrid out there, and he hopes someone he dislikes is caught out in it. Maybe Germany, he thinks, and the thought almost makes him smile.

He sighs again, tapping his fingers against the glass in something that’s not quite a tune, and then suddenly there's pounding on his door, loud and insistent. He jumps, and then scowls, and for a moment considers not answering it – but he can’t quite stop himself from hoping that maybe it's someone interesting. Or someone he can yell at. Whatever.

The banging doesn’t stop. He too curious to ignore it entirely, so he makes them wait for a few more seconds before he hurries into the hallway and wrenches the door open, and only manages a few syllables of "what the fuck do you want" before he trails off, his mouth hanging open.

Prussia stands on his doorstep, smirking but he's completely soaked in just a white dress shirt and dark jeans, his hair flat and hanging in clumps. He's shivering, his arms wrapped around himself, making the shirt pull and stick, almost entirely see-through where it's clinging to his skin. Romano stares at him.

"I'm staying over," Prussia says, shoving his way in so the door flies back and his soaked shirt brushes against Romano's bare arm, dragging wetly for a moment. Romano jumps back, rubbing his arm and scowling.

"You're freezing, idiot." He shuts the door and turns to glare at Prussia, his arms folded across his chest.

"It's raining," Prussia points out, running his fingers through his hair and shaking off the water with a grimace.

"Idiot," Romano says again, "take off your shirt." Prussia hesitates and Romano steps forward with an irritated huff, lips pursed and frowning as he starts to fumble with the top buttons. "If you get ill you'll be even more annoying."

Prussia laughs softly and Romano feels his warm breath against his forehead. He squeaks, and stumbles backwards, and glares at him. "Stay there," he snaps, and storms off further into the house, his hands clenched by his sides.

After a pause, Prussia finishes unbuttoning his shirt and peels off the sodden material, dropping it on the floor. He kicks off his shoes and is trying to undo the fastening on his heavy trousers when Romano thunders back into the hall and throws a large, fluffy towel at his face from a few steps away. He looks murderous, flushed cheeks and bright eyes and Prussia grins as he catches the towel easily.

"Why are you here?" Romano whines, forgetting not to look as Prussia drapes the towel over his shoulders and finally gets his trousers undone, letting them slip down his legs and onto the floor with a wet, heavy splat.

"Your brother got me kicked out my house," he says, like that should explain everything.

Romano glares, but then Prussia adjusts the towel, letting it fall from his shoulders to his waist and tucking in the edge to hold it there, and he's still looking when Prussia glances over at him. He leers, and Romano feels a shiver growing in his spine.

"You're thrilled that I'm here," he smirks, no question in his voice.

"Fuck off," Romano says, like he means it, but Prussia just grins in response, looking all the more gleeful as Romano narrows his eyes. "Go annoy someone else, bastard."

Prussia ignores him entirely. "You're so cute," he grins, predatory, his teeth flashing and suddenly he's far too near, close enough to slide a hand around Romano's side and splay his fingers over the base of his spine.

And then he's kissing him, open-mouthed and dominant and there's only a second where Romano could shove him away, maybe punch him in the mouth and kick him out into the rain for being such a deserving bastard but he doesn't do it -- a second, and Prussia's mouth is still on his and it's been so long since someone kissed him like this (and, he doesn't want to think about that) and a second later he gives a soft moan of dismay and kisses back.

He can feel Prussia's smirk against his lips and it's enough to make him bite it.

"Hey, ow," Prussia pulls back and presses his fingertips to his bottom lip, but Romano grabs his wrist and yanks his hand away so he can kiss him again, and he feels oddly thrilled when Prussia squeaks in surprise. He bends Prussia's arm behind his back so Prussia has to arch into him, keeps a firm grip on his wrist and wraps his arm around his waist, resting his hand on the edge of the towel.

"Holy fuck," Prussia gasps when Romano moves back and shifts to attack his mouth from another angle -- he's shorter but Prussia yields, leaning down and still grinning obnoxiously.

"Shut up," Romano growls, and kisses him again.

They're still standing in the hallway and Prussia's towel is hanging low around his hips, his skin still slightly cold and clammy and Romano is half-hard already.

"I want to fuck you," Prussia whispers, a harsh breath against his ear, and Romano whines unhappily when the words shoot straight to his cock.

"Dammit, bastard," he moans, nonsensical, and there's huffed laughter against his neck and a hand sliding down to grab his ass, kneading it with a slow intensity. "Bedroom," he demands, and tries to hate Prussia for pleased groan he makes at that.

He turns, starting towards the stairs but then Prussia hurries after him and grabs him so they both nearly topple over, pressing his erection against Romano's ass and for a brief, dizzy moment he thinks about letting Prussia take him right there, kneeling on the stairs and his cock twitches in response, but then Prussia murmurs something against the back of his neck and Romano drives an elbow back into his stomach, knocking him enough that the towel finally slips off completely and pools on the floor.

"It's upstairs," he scowls, and runs up them before Prussia can catch his breath.

"Hey!" Prussia calls after him, a note of panic because if he gets away he might change his mind and fuck, that'd be--

"In here, idiot," Romano calls from his bedroom and a moment later Prussia appears at the door, naked and flushed and grinning, and it only gets wider when he sees Romano kneeling on the bed, completely undressed and still looking annoyed and sulky. "Hurry up."

He could say something back, something surely devastatingly witty that would get him thrown out the window but luckily his cock overrules his mouth and he's on Romano again in a flash, knocking him back onto the bed so he can kneel between his legs and loom over him, getting a hand down between them so he can fist Romano's cock and swallow his moans.

"Bastard," Romano groans, soft like an endearment, and he bucks into Prussia's hand, his head fallen back on the sheets and his eyes shut so he can't see the way Prussia is watching him.

There's lube on the bedside table and eventually Prussia reaches for it, letting go of Romano's cock (he gives an indignant whine) to sit back on his heels and push Romano's legs further apart, his legs bent and knees falling out to the side. He looks delicious, spread out and pliant, and he even rocks his hips impatiently when Prussia just drinks in the sight of him without touching.

"Hurry up, dammit," he hisses, his hands clenched in the sheets, and Prussia squeezes out enough lube to coat his fingers and his cock, teasingly slow as Romano whines again.

"Spread your legs more," Prussia demands, breathy, and Romano's too far gone to do anything but comply, hooking his hands around the back of his thighs and drawing them up and then there's a slick finger pressing against him, pushing in and Prussia barely pauses before he adds another - Romano chokes off a sound low in his throat but bucks up into the intrusion, hard and needy.

Prussia laughs, soft and quiet, not as brash as Romano might have expected but he doesn't think about it as Prussia works another finger into him, thrusting and stretching until he's got four fingers inside and Romano is falling apart with high, keening noises. He could make him beg, Prussia thinks with mischievous glee, but he's as hard and ready as Romano and so he pulls out his fingers and shuffles closer, pulling up Romano's hips so he can easily line himself up against his hole.

He pushes in, smooth and swift and impatient, and Romano's head snaps back with a gasp. He's taut and trembling lightly as Prussia keeps hold of his hips and starts moving with quick, shallow thrusts - it's fast and sloppy and desperate and it's going to be over far too soon, but Romano's wound up so tight that all he wants is release. It's messy but fuck, so good, as Prussia pulls back a little further and plunges back in and wraps his hand around Romano's cock again, pumping him without rhythm until he suddenly comes, crying out and clenching every muscle as Prussia rides him through it.

He's panting, sated but Prussia keeps going, with Romano now so boneless and open beneath him he leans down to kiss him, lazy and slow in contrast to the quickening of his thrusts, his hands groping him without direction until he comes with a choked moan and collapses on top of him.

"You're heavy, bastard," Romano says, when he is together enough to talk again, but he's too exhausted and blissed out to put anything behind the words. Prussia pulls out and rolls off him with a grunt, and then,

"Get on your side," Prussia says, and pushes ineffectively at his shoulder. Romano rolls away from him anyway, and then there's an arm thrown over his waist and Prussia's snuggling against his back.

"I don't want to cuddle," he says, but lets Prussia pull him close.

Prussia hums vaguely in reply, and presses a kiss to his shoulder. Romano's sort of sticky and gross and he really wants a shower, but he's also warm and strangely contented and he thinks Prussia is in the wet patch, so he decides it can wait.

"We're doing that again," Prussia mumbles sleepily against his neck, warm breath and happy noises, and Romano decides not to think about how he doesn't want to correct him.

"Idiot," he says, but Prussia's already asleep, curled close around him and Romano tries very hard to find it annoying, but doesn't quite succeed before he drifts off to sleep.
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