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apparently i just really like drawing dudes in dresses

small art dump! both America from Hetalia and mostly unrelated, unless you want to think that he's trying to be Donna Noble. which would be pretty awesome, actually. warning for large images!

on DA!

also yes I know normal bullets don't work against Daleks. pretend that Tony gave him a special anti-Dalek gun, or something.

for yuletart! I got hideincarnate who liked America and Daleks, and I kind of cannot resist crossovers. This is tidier, less-wonky-anatomy version than the one originally posted! I finished it at five in the morning after working on it all night (I couldn't feel my fingers D: ) and had sort of stopped caring about anything, and when looking at it after sleep I made ack noises. They're still floating in whitespace, however. /o\

have a close-up, because I'm fond of Alfred's face (this is nothing new)


on DA!

I would do anything for love... but I don't have to be happy about it.

for aph_artcontest! the prompt was love, and then I got Meat Loaf stuck in my head, and then this happened. I must admit this was partially inspired by the kink meme fill where America & Canada get married, because it's adorable and you should be reading it.

comments & con-crit are ♥!
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