August 31st, 2010

Doctor Who :: tardis

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Anon Love Meme! because I would like some happy things, please. ♥.

Still slowly getting better! The pill-swallowing issue has been sorted by bypassing my mouth entirely and pushing the pill down my throat instead - possibly TMI, but hey, it works \o/ I'm getting the metal clips taken out today, because my skin was stapled back together after the operation, and it looks a bit like I have a zip leading towards my hip. It's actually kind of cool, and I sort of hope I have a scar? just because it'd be a bit interesting. I'm lame /o\

So, how are you all? I'm getting back to a point where I can be on my laptop for a while without suddenly feeling sick and dizzy, so tell me what's been going on! Did I miss anything? Did fandom explode? Is there any new fic that I omgmustread? I'm massively in the mood for something with world building and intricate settings/plot, so that would be awesome, but anything that you think is good I would love to read :D

(and also I'm sure there are things I need to do and modding responsibilities that I've missed, so please remind me if you know of any ♥)
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