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Another art post, as my participation in BB season is entirely finished! I've linked to these before, but not posted them here. (and I like having all my stuff in the same place)

Three large images under the cuts!

For Life Is Just A Ferris Wheel by fcuk_it16

Tom had taken it just before they had been dating for a year, Brendon is lying on Jon’s ratty couch, hand curled protectively over Dylan. Jon is wedged on his side between Brendon and the back of the couch, his hand splayed across Brendon’s stomach as all three members of the picture slept soundly.


For Deluge by suaine

There's two versions of the same pic for this, because. Just because. :D


Suddenly, Merlin is back in the moment, back with him, smiling, and it makes Arthur's heart stutter. He smiles back because there is no defense against this, no way he can refuse Merlin when he looks like this: a little daft and very young, almost beautiful in an off-centre fashion. Arthur wants more than anything to close the distance between them, to reach out and touch and maybe kiss that silly grin off Merlin's lips. The tension in his body becomes its own weight and Arthur trembles under it. He can't stay in this moment forever, suspended between edging closer and pulling away. He knows what his heart and his head are telling him, but just for now, he sits and watches Merlin breathe right in front of him.

Go read the fics, they're awesome :D
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