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SPN BB art! \o/

It's spn_j2_bigbang art time!

I was lucky enough to get the awesome fic In This Time and Place by katiebugs18, which you absolutely must read (mostly because it's awesome, but also because the art probably doesn't make sense outside of context XD). ♥!

The summary: No matter which of our many lives we’re living or how successful we might be fulfilling our destiny some things are constant. No matter which life we are living there is always Dean and there is always Sam. And there is always Azazel and his plans for his chosen.

I illustrated two separate scenes, which are spoilery for the fic and I must warn for the blood in the first pic, as it may be squicky.

Chapter Two, 1837
He looks like he’s been mauled; his shirt is in tatters revealing deep gashes across his torso, blood still steadily flowing from his wounds, running down his arms, soaking the shirt and dripping onto the ground below him. His gasping breath is damp and full of pain.
David kneels next to him and as gently as he can pulls him onto his lap, cradles him. Up close the guy looks more like a kid than a grown man, far far too young to be bleeding to death out here in the middle of the plains.


Chapter Three, 1894
Stuart’s eyes – those golden hazel eyes – stare into him, draw him in, making it impossible to look away let alone move. Stuart’s hands slide from his shoulders over to his neck, his thumb rubbing Donald’s jaw before coming to rest on his erratically beating pulse.
Stuart’s voice is wrecked, his eyes shining with tears and Donald can’t help himself, he gives up, closes his eyes and leans into Stuart, resting their foreheads together.
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