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tardis_bigbang is live! Head over here to see all the amazing stories and artwork ^^,

waiting in the darkness
gen; pg; captain jack & gwen & ten go a'hunting something - created for the brilliant Amorphous by kyizi

The sound surrounds them, low and haunting, and it's no surprise that Gwen's hand makes its way into Jack's; he was a few seconds from making a grab at hers. They keep close together, walking down the dark street at a slow, but steady, pace. There's nothing about, not even the noise from the nearby city streets, to break the signal's grasp on them.

(click to see a larger version)
Also on DA!

I adored this scene. I'd wanted to do a triptych showing three different scenes in the fic so I could include Rose and Ianto, but sadly I left it far too late to do anything that complicated! When I first selected this particular scene (short and relatively early on, but powerful) as one of the possible scenes to illustrate I had a very clear image of looking down on the three of them walking through the dark street, a very predatory and atmospheric view, as though something was watching them - but after a few sketches I remembered that I suck at any deviant perspective and so stuck with the simple (but effective!) face-on view. The 'shadows' clawing at and wrapping around them aren't exactly subtle but hey, I wanted to create an evil atmosphere XD

(and yeah, I know the light source is... non-existant, I wanted moonlight but it wasn't working and I was already past the deadline and eventually I just went "FINE. BE MYSTERIOUSLY GLOWING THEN, SEE IF I CARE." *throws down tablet pen and storms out*)

eta: I haven't started reading the fics yet, but I do have art recs! Both links to absolutely stunning paintings -
Art for A Time of Grace, by boxed

Art for The Idiot's Guide to Foiling Alien Invasions, by leyna55
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