Gutter Girl

I Am The Bruise Across Your Smile

22 May
Welcome To Gutter Girl's Journal

I'm a femme lesbian that is: spunky, eclectic, outgoing, daring, sarcastic, sensual, sexual, exciting, etc. I am 5'3-ish with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. I am extremely sarcastic and cynical, so get used to it.

I am depressive.

I am the tortured lover.

I am not happy.

I cannot pretend to be happy.

I will not be something other than myself.

I will not do it even to show you how much I love you.

I am paranoid.

I can't trust most people.

My past is unhappy.

I had a shitty childhood.

I am a writer.

I am an artist.

I am a photographer.

I need love.

No one seems to care.

I care about everyone.

I ask that you not care in return.

Most people do it without my orders.


I have mood swings.

Ignore them.

I like cuddling.

Don't ever stand directly behind me...

I love my friends.

My little brother is my hero.

I am a nerd.

I :heart: computers.

Dilithium Crystals power the ships in Star Trek...see, I'm a nerd!

I have four cats.

I love them.

I am very gay.

Very, very, very gay.

I like to rant.

I love Halloween.

I am a romantic.

I love music.

You can tell my mood by my music.

I am a model.

I like to cry sometimes

Always alone, never in front of people.

I've never had real birthday party.

I've never been in love.

No one has ever been openly in love with me.

I like being alone

But, I'd like to share my alone time with someone.


I was dead for twenty minutes

The next month at school...no one noticed that I was gone.


I like to poke fun at people.

I'd like to love them more, but I never do.

I like crosses.

I collect them.

My favorite color is Blood Red.

My favorite flower is...I don't have one.

I like creeping ivy.

I hate teddy bears.

They are cheesey and over-used.

I like morbid things.

I've never gotten anything on Valentine's Day.

On my birthday, my friend's always forget me...

I am eighteen

I am popular, but only in my group of friends.

I don't like drinking as much as I used to

Peeve: men trying to "turn me straight."

If you want to know more, just message me with a question and I will more-than-likely answer it.

Contact Me!
AOL: LipstickCabaret

MSN: XxFetishCabaretxX@hotmail.com

YAHOO: XxGays_Control_The_WeatherxX

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