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Holy Jesus....   
11:24pm 25/07/2006
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10:01pm 20/07/2006
  This a poem without a form and a story without an end. This is my life, my love, my lust, my breath...and the world that holds in all in place. Flesh to flesh, voices mingle through tobacco smoke. Her eyes glitter with something new and fresh, amazement. Beautiful notes spill off her tongue like ransom notes for my heart.....a kiss to the lips, my captured heart screams. Can you find yourself without me? Tell me, can you? Take my hand as we stand beneath the streetlamp, let the rain fall all around us as I whisper you my story, my life, my world....which revolves around you.

This isn't a good piece of work, I was just freestyling it and rambling...so don't tear it to pieces, okay?
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01:37am 08/07/2006
mood: [Irrational]
I just have this amazing ability to be the biggest piece of shit in the world.

I fuck everything up.

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....Bleed To The Ground....   
10:36pm 03/07/2006
  My poor heart is tired of screaming it's history only to hear an echo of it's past.

Someone closed the door today to my heart, and the key broke off in the lock.

A rusted reminder that my heart is no longer within the reach of your dirty fingers.

Your touch melts my flesh, heated trails of lust fade into my skin as tortured memories.

The scars are not fading, your voice lies within the twisted and damaged tissues of my heart.

At night, my thighs remain untouched, my core empty, my eyes glaze over as I go into remission.

Metal drags so far, but not enough to erase the disgusting bruise on my smile, the shattered emotion.

If only you knew what my tears were saying, a devisation in every fallen drop, a holocaust to the surface they grace.

If only you knew how much of a statistic you've become, textbooks hold you within their bindings as a definition of a


As I lie here alone and feel my soul twisting to fractured angles, various stages of hurt, scenes of blood fill my eyes.

I remain silent to love, your destruction you planted within me, it has infected me....with your love.

I am addicted.
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05:12pm 03/07/2006
  Those who inflict upon me a broken heart, deserve none of my love and adoration.  
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Broken Hearted and Teary Eyed   
03:24pm 03/07/2006
  Sew my heart back into my chest, for it's bleeding on the floor.

"I was hoping those words you spilled from your mouth we only lies.....maybe you'd turn around and see the knife you planted in my back.  Roots growing from the silver, wiring themselves into my mind, leeching darkness all through my mind. Please tell me....tell me you didn't mean it."
I Know Why I Care, I Can Let Myself Go   
02:27pm 03/07/2006
  My health is getting progressively worse and I'm not sure what I plan to do about it.

I'm rather scared too because
now is not the time to die.

I mean, my life isn't great right now.....
but it isn't treating me like shit either.

I have no idea what I am going to do.

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In Memory of Ben   
11:12pm 02/07/2006
I'm going to miss you buddy, you were my bestest!
Life Is So Short   
06:54pm 02/07/2006
mood: [Confused and Sad]
I can't believe he's dead....what am I going to do?
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12:38am 28/06/2006
  Riley: "I've never done anything illegal  but speed.....AH, I MEAN SPEED...like a car."

Ha, she cracks me up.
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01:03am 21/06/2006
  I am so in love

[Happy Sigh]

You guys...I think I've found the perfect woman for me.....I'm seriously head-over-heels for her.

Oh god am I happy!!!!


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Let Life Flow   
03:29pm 14/06/2006
  I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world.


I can't wait until she goes back to school though, that way she'll be closer instead of up by Traverse.

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06:26pm 11/06/2006
  Who wants to go to Spiral with me on Friday?

Come on, I'm awesome...you know you want to.

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01:06am 07/06/2006
  When you're waiting for something to happen...time drags by like slow speed.  
[Happy Dance]   
09:54pm 06/06/2006
  Anna is coming over to stay the night and we're going to have a lesbian movie night of our own.


It shall be a swank night.
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Miss A   
12:17am 04/06/2006
  She Turns My Mind Inside Out and Back.....  
Never Make Me Your Everything...I'll Kill You   
04:04pm 26/05/2006
I leave for Vegas on Sunday morning...I'm excited as hell!!!

I won't get back until thursday next week...so y'all better leave me some damn love. 
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Shit Pie Made Ready To Order   
11:15pm 25/05/2006
mood: FUCKING A!
I just had the worst night at work.

Some little girl shit all over the women's bathroom. I swear, it was everywhere but in the damn toilet...and I had to clean half of it up and then I couldn't finish because I was gagging so bad.

I just was like, "Fuck this Gail (my boss) I'm going on break....fire me if you want. She let me smoke like three ciggs and then I was okay to come in.

And then I got yelled at for my coworker's mistake of letting a customer sit at the drivethru for ten fucking minutes...honking the whole time...while I was on break and he was supposed to be manning my station.

I think I'm going to live to hate my job.
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11:34pm 24/05/2006
  I went to the teahouse tonight.

Finally met Marissa.

Jesus...that girl is beautiful.

[Smashes Head Into Keyboard]

sdglkjsdhliahudiauhdiaeadka@@@*%(@%@ *^& (Q
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Love Is A Paradox   
06:10pm 23/05/2006
mood: WHEE!
I'm bored....and have nothing to do.

I'm leaving for Vegas on Sunday and I won't be back until Thursday next week.

I'm so fucking excited!!!

We're staying at the

On the sunday that I arrive in Vegas, my uncle (the gay one) is taking me to see Avenue Q...which is kind of like the Muppets gone gay.

So, yeah....I'm really excited!!!!
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