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audrey tautou

spark this aero

cause everybody knows, but nobody really knows

Silly ol' me
audrey tautou
DSCN3695 by aerosparked
DSCN3695, a photo by aerosparked on Flickr.

Fiddling around with Flickr...gosh it's amazing how much the Internet has grown since I first started using it!

Something's happening
audrey tautou
I'm reviving this LJ. Don't really know what to do with it quite yet, but I feel like using it for something.

I still have my personal blog at bumplum and a random thing on tumblr. There's so many bloody social media outlets today, it's hard to keep track of everything. But less people in real life know about this LJ, so I'm itching to use it again for something.

We'll see. Look for more activity to come in this space.