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Feb. 11th, 2008

do justice

Darfur/Chad Update

As you may know, Darfur villages are under renewed attack and thousands of refugees fleeing to Chad are being turned away. Oxfam, the primary supplier of water to internally displaced persons, says it will be forced to shut down operations in three weeks. "The situation is running out of control," states Jan Eliasson, UN Special Envoy for Darfur.

Please take some action, any action, to let world leaders know that we expect them to fulfill their promise to protect the people of Darfur. Please email leaders listed below who can make a difference.

Also consider writing letters to the editor of your local papers. These letters reach thousands of people and will get published!

I have pasted in today's joint policy statement from Save Darfur Coalition, GINet, and ENOUGH for ideas on what to say to our leaders and to the public.


US Special Envoy to Darfur:


European Union

Presidential candidates:

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

The Save Darfur Coalition, the ENOUGH Project, and the Genocide Intervention Network make the following policy recommendations:

1. The U.S., France and UK should work with China and Russia to introduce immediately a UN Security Council resolution authorizing targeted sanctions on senior Sudanese officials responsible for supporting the overthrow of a neighboring sovereign government, for obstructing the deployment of international protection forces in Chad and Darfur, and for continuing to promote violence in Darfur.

2. The U.S., UK, France, and China, as leading members of the UN Security Council, and in coordination with the UN, the AU, and the broader international community, should work together to ensure that the UNAMID peacekeeping mission in Darfur and the EUFOR and MINURCAT peacekeeping missions in Chad/CAR are immediately and fully deployed.

3. The U.S., France, UK and China should use this opportunity to form an international "Quartet" to work with the UN and AU to promote an end to the interconnected conflicts in Chad and Sudan.


Jan. 31st, 2008


winter storm warning

so it's been snowing here pretty much non-stop for about 11 hours now and we've got a good 3-4 inches on the ground. it's beautiful. I love snow, although it scares me to drive on it. I don't love how slow work was today (and will likely be tomorrow) because of the snow... but at least I had something pretty to look at during my 8 tedious hours doing nothing (and getting paid very little) at the restaurant (no, no, still no "real" job).

what's new with me? well this is: aprilhouston.com is up and running in it's most basic form. (Adam thinks I should blog there - just what I need, huh? another blog to never update!) go there and tell me how great my spot reel is (ha ha).

in other news... I wish the dang writers strike would be over already. I did enjoy a new episode of LOST tonight though. oh, and I don't really care about the superbowl but I'm tired of the Patriots winning all the time. dreaming of snowboarding... oh and Olive looked adorable at the mardis gras pet parade last weekend (go here for proof).

if you haven't guessed - I'm updating because my mom asked me to - not because I really have anything to say. (o;
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Dec. 16th, 2007


first STL snowstorm

this weekend, I...

walked the dog in a snowstorm
got snowed-in with friends
was a Catchphrase champion!
had a sleep-over
slept in for the first time in weeks
had homemade biscuits and gravy
sledded down art hill
made a snow angel in my front yard

... and kinda wished Monday would never come.
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Nov. 18th, 2007


echo (echo... echo...)

NEW LAYOUT ALERT! whatcha think?

Everyone's been so quiet lately.. I feel like the blogging rapture happened and I'm pretty much the only one left. WHAT'S UP, PEOPLE?? comment and tell me what you've been up to.

As for me, I've been mostly working. I got promoted to day manager at Stellina and I have my nights (mostly) back, which is lovely (although I have to remember how to cook dinner for two again). Adam's working his booty off as well so we can go to Phoenix for Thanksgiving weekend - which neither boss is thrilled about - but I don't care (o=. We've had plane tickets for a month now but I was told last week that I could not get off work Friday and Saturday... I had actually resigned myself to spending a lonely Turkey Day in the STL while my husband parties with his family at the Scottsdale Westin Villas. Alas, one of my co-workers offered to work doubles for me BOTH DAYS so I could get away. Thank you, Teresa! now I have to start planning for our 5-day vacation-holiday extravaganza with the in-laws. so much to be thankful for.

so uhh.. 38 days till Christmas is starting to stress me out. I'm torn because I LOVE fall and I want to revel in the leaves and nice weather.. but i LOVE decorating the house for Christmas and I'm about ready to bust out the tree. Is it time yet?

how bout now?

okay I'm done rambling. off to be somewhat productive.

seriously, though, where is everyone?

Nov. 7th, 2007

do justice

from the Save Darfur Coalition

I got this e-mail this morning and felt the need to pass it on. Please take a second to click the link.

Last week's peace talks in Libya were another step in the long-awaited political process that can bring peace to Darfur.

But real peace remains elusive. The peace process could take months or years to bear fruit. Meanwhile, violence continues to escalate, making the need for peacekeepers even more urgent.

Yet, political disputes in Washington over issues unrelated to Darfur are threatening to delay America's promised contribution to the Darfur peacekeeping mission.

The people of Darfur cannot afford any more delays. Click here now to urge your members of Congress to approve emergency funding before the end of the year.

Although the Sudanese government announced another cease-fire last week, they violated it within 24 hours with the bombing of a Darfuri village, once again demonstrating their intent to finish what they started in Darfur.

The president recently heeded your call and asked Congress to approve emergency funding for the Darfur peacekeepers. But Congress is wavering.

The people of Darfur need peacekeepers on the ground now. We can't allow emergency funding for this mission – and the countless lives it would help protect – to be held hostage by a congressional budget fight.

The United States must live up to its commitments to help return peace to Darfur. Click here to tell your members of Congress to approve funding for the peacekeeping mission before the end of 2007.

Then please click here to ask your friends and family to join you in urging Congress to bring peace to Darfur.

Thank you again for your efforts to help bring peace to the people of Darfur.

Best regards,

Colleen Connors

Save Darfur Coalition

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Oct. 5th, 2007


(no subject)

it is my birthday, isn't it?

thanks, mom and dad!

Sep. 27th, 2007

green shoes and bag

any excuse to go to Chicago is a good one in my book

Adam took me to my very first ever techno show this past weekend - we saw the Chemical Brothers play at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. It was hot there... super hot.. and I'm pretty sure we were 2 of maybe 10 people there NOT high on something but it was a cool experience. it sucked having to drive home 5 hours starting at 1:30 in the morning in sweat-soaked clothes and then to go to work the next day, but a Chicago trip is worth such small sacrifices.

I also met one of Adam's friends from high school. He has a swanky 2-br apartment on the 43rd floor of a high-rise building right off Michigan Ave in downtown. Swanky! (good to know that expensive school turns out kids that can afford to maintain a luxury lifestyle). We're thinking of going back up when one of my BFFs from NC comes out to visit for my birthday next weekend -- and we may very well get to stay at said swanky pad... assuming Rocky didn't get tired of us last weekend.

the real world hit me with force this week when the only other full-time employee at Stellina quit... now I'm working lots of split shifts until they can find someone new. It sucks in some ways but in others it will hopefully make up for the deficit in my bank account due to recent weekend activities and the general slow-down that apparently comes to most restaurants in St. Louis in September... and will help make up for the fact I'm taking my birthday weekend off since Julia will be here.

did I mention next weekend is my birthday? (o;

see pictures from our Chicago trip here. if you want.
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Sep. 5th, 2007


what's new?

... umm not much.

working. sleeping. trying to be productive during the in-between times.

I've given up on ever getting our cars registered in the state of Missouri. Seriously. Trying to figure out the forms and bureaucracy literally brought me to tears on Tuesday and I had to call Adam at work to convince me I wasn't a failure. Then I sent in my $100 check to the TN DOT and I eagerly await my renewal stickers. The DOR here really should not make it so difficult to do the right thing.

In response to Adam's continued badgering (thanks, Dave Ramsey podcast), I started working on a household budget for us. Yes, it needs to be done, but it's such a pain and always makes me depressed to think about all the things I should be saving for but haven't been. With so many good concerts upcoming (the Chemical Brothers in Chicago, Guster, Regina Spektor, and Of Montreal in STL), I just really want to spend now and worry later. No way that could come back to bite me in the a**, right? (o;

Other news bites:
- I'm getting a new 15" Powerbook (well, new to me anyway) - it will be my very own video editing tool (along with more menial uses) and should arrive next week!
- I might be getting a video camera for my birthday -- at which point I'll begin honing my documentary-making skills to prepare me for joining with 80 percent angel next year.
- Soon I'll be working with Concordia Seminary to help direct and produce TV and webcast programming. Back in the control room again... I can't wait!
- my bangs have been in my eyes for two weeks now. haircut TOMORROW. Oh, and I'm considering cotton candy pink highlights... your thoughts?


Aug. 21st, 2007

girl in hat

I couldn't help myself

Aug. 16th, 2007


we did it!

Olive at the top of Hanging Rock (after hiking 1.5 miles up there)

I had so much fun in NC, it was hard to leave. That was definitely surprising, because while I always love going "home" to see family, I'm always eager to get home to where I live. This time... pretty sure I could have happily spent another week or so. I think Olive felt the same way.

As we all know, back home means back to work and I'm definitely finding it challenging to get back into the swing of things around here (I still haven't cleaned the bird cage...). I work at the restaurant all week and then Saturday afternoon we're West TN bound once again for the Carl Perkins Center Telethon. I'll be sitting in one spot staring at monitors watching the same people say the same things over and over for nine hours, but I can almost guarantee you it will be the highlight of my week, because I'll be DIRECTING again. There's something to be said for exercising your passion. Beeeeeautiful.

A little bird told me it's time to get my resume and my reel ready again... could it finally be time for stuff to start clicking for me here in the STL? More on that later. And maybe I'll get some more pictures from my trip posted as well.

Stay tuned.

next big task: figure out how to get cars registered in MO before my TN registration expires at the end of the month...
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