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December 2007
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Did anybody else notice how extraordinarily clear blue the sky was today?
Maybe it was just me. But I saw it this afternoon after selling back the first of my textbooks to the campus bookstore. Satisfied and with an extra twenty five bucks in my pocket, I wanted to melt underneath everything. I wanted to sprawl in the grass and sun myself and take a nap. That's how calm I feel.

And yet

I can't help but feel like my heart is expecting too much in every direction. Things seem to go so well but I hate it when I'm not the first to hear. And I didn't want it to be this way; I didn't want to over analyze and imagine things that aren't there just because I want them to be. I feel the familiarity of setting myself up to get stabbed.

How do I always end up muddling everything up?
Stupid consciousness.

Existence is: curiouscurious
Tunes: feist


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