I knew it! Kyahahah...! I was working on a project with AC footage, and OOPS! Look what I accidentally came across.

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I knew it was Rufus! >:D
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Journalism Convention

I'm leaving for the JC2005 (is that what it'd be called? -estoy dumb- ) tomorrow, which means that I'm packing tonight. Dude, what should I bring? Here's my list so far (besides clothes. lik omg i dont no wut 2 bring omg omg im so fat peeps r gonna beet me up)

DDR pads >:D
DDR Max 1
DDR Max 2
more hangers
cell phone

Wow, my list is pathetic. I don't really own any PS2 games. Dude, being in the lower-middle class sucks sometimes.
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(no subject)

I think I'm going to give up on AC. I realized that Final Fantasy is dead. You know there are three FFVII sequels now? And there'll probably be more? I don't believe in FF sequels anymore! -cries-

Oh, and I'm sure everyone knew this before I did, but the original guy that invented and wrote all the FF stories quit. I think he quit way back when, when Square merged with Enix. Nobuo Uemastu doesn't work for them either... Final Fantasy is not Final Fantasy anymore! Now it's just official fan-fiction! ;_;

-goes to a corner to mourn-
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(no subject)

OH! Forgot to add. I'm giving up on deviantart because I've decided that it sucks, and so do I. I've found a better website, though I could never DREAM of posting on it.

O_O! Beautimaful.

Oh, and if you're wondering, here's my deviantart. Beware the suckness, though.
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Journalism convention in two weeks! April 7th to April 10th, in Seattle! It's going to be flippin' awesome. Sweet! Gnarly! Everything in southern Californian vocabulary that emphasizes delightfulness. I hope they have DDR again. I also get to visit my older brother, whom I will catch up with. Then he can show me the PSP he and his fiance bought yesterday.

And... and... x_x
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What do you think of this icon? A real big switch from my last one, huh. I'm not sure whether I like it or not, some I came to you guys, my good LJ buddies, to tell me how much it sucks or if it's a little decent. Be honest, whippersnappers!
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Idiot quote of the day:

"Isn't the United States a country?"

Also, pucchy_chicobo! What is the website with all your adorable Yazoo pictures!? I wanna see them again, but I don't remember what the URL is! I wanna look at how you draw Yazoo's hands in the picture with him dancing. No, dancing is the wrong word. Being cute with music. Yes. Something like that. ^_^!
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I mean, they have to speak...

Has anyone used RPG Maker 2003? I know someone was talking to me about it before, so I downloaded it. I'm trying to figure it out, but it doesn't help that I'm both a newbie to the program and a newbie to programming.

How do you program speech!?

-dies of stupidness-
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AC Dream

I had an Advent Children dream! Actually, two. The first part was that they were going to show the preview that they showed in Venice on TV at 7:00. In my dream, I was so scared that it was a dream that I forced myself to stay asleep longer so I could watch it.

In the second part, I was walking to the bank, and Loz popped up next to me. I saw his bank card, and that it was the same as mine, so I said, "Oh! You're going to the bank too."

"Yup," he said.

We went to the bank and did our money stuff, and we were talking. I asked him what his hair style was called, and he wouldn't tell me. He said it was a secret. Then he busted out a comb and was fixing his hair, and I told him that he wasn't doing it right. So I combed Loz's hair. I was laughing how I probably got the back wrong.

Then, Sephiroth popped up behind us and said something to the same effect as, "Hey. Why're you talking to someone, Loz?" And he looked like he was either going to murder me or Loz.

And then I woke up. Lame.

It was neat, though! I never really liked Loz at all until now. He's got a personality. He's picky about his hair.
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