July 22nd, 2020


ICFPC-2020: Space, The Final Frontier

Time to break the long radio silence to treat you to another tale of my ICFPC adventures. For uninitiated, ICFPC stands for ICFP Contest (and ICFP, in turn, stands for International Conference on Functional Programming), and I have been participating in them since ... well, since time immemorial (2004? 2003?) and writing up my adventures here. My most famous writeup (in Russian) about the best ICFPC so far -- 2006 -- could be found here.

This time I am going to do the write-up in English because there would be lots of English text quoted, and because I want my teammate (Hi, Alex!) and colleagues to read it.Collapse ) This entry was originally posted at https://dastapov.dreamwidth.org/131798.html. Please comment there using OpenID.