April 1st, 2003


Americans as an RPG class?

Вытащено из rec.games.roguelike.adom (автор glory_of_suffering AT yahoo.co.uk (Withering Rose)):

New Class Suggestion: Americans

Americans always start with +2 bonus to their initial appearance
because of their white teeth, silicon implants and camera technics. As
a drawback; Americans always receive 2d4+1 penalties to their
intelligence, wisdom and charisma due their small brains and high
superiority complex. Americans never start with a literacy skill, and
neither they can learn it (unless using a Wish). They always start
with double amount of gold due their high need for food and cosmetics.
Americans always start with additional weight (unless a special talent
'anorectic' is selected). This weight-modifier makes their starting
weight as septuble to normal. Americans survive badly in the Drakalor
Chain because of their weird metabolism, which allows them eat only
greasy food. Anything else than hamburgers and other junkfood will
cause a serious poisoning which last's for 10d10 turns.

- At level 6 they learn to sing "God bless the America". This will
annoy any monsters withing 5 squares radius and make them to bash
their heads to walls with 1d3 damage/turn.

- At level 12 they learn to survive by eating normal food, but it's
nutrious value is decreased always -75% for them.

- At level 18 they gain See Invisible due their high paranoia.

- At level 25 they learn to order random items from TV-shop with a
very low cost every 6d6 turns. There is a 75% change that item is
cursed. Item's value is never more than a 750 gold.

- At level 32 they gain ability to accuse monsters as terrorists. This
will confuse them for 3d3 rounds. After confusion wears off, monster
goes to berserk unless evidence is found or made up.

- At level 40 they receive additional plasticsurgery, which raises
their appearance by 5.

- At level 50 they gain ability to detect imaginary weapons of
mass-destruction every 100d100 turns, which allows them to genocide
any race permanently as a free action.
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