These Words Are All I Have.

These Words Are Who I Am.

9 September
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My name is Liz.
I decided to change this because I’m not really that person anymore.
I love my kitten, who is no longer a kitten.
I love talking to interesting people, who have interesting things to say, whether or not I agree.
I swear far too much.
I love talking to people who I've grown apart from, and finding out that we are actually closer.
I’m very vain, despite the fact I don’t like how I look at all.
Although I wish I didn’t, I love my material possessions. I don’t think I could live without my iPod, computer or GHD’s.
I love playing with HTML.
I’m quite emotional, and cry a lot about things that don’t really matter.
I hate the acronym LOL.
I love beating people on computer games. I’m very competitive.
I’m rubbish at sport. I can’t run/catch/throw/jump. I actually run a bit like a penguin.
I’m very passionate about things I believe in.
I’m also very stubborn.
I depend more than I’d like to on other people.
I really don’t like people seeing my stomach or legs.
I play guitar in a band.
I’m scared of lots of ridiculous things.
I love phone’s with click-y buttons.
Next year I plan to go to college and study Computer Science.
I'm very indecisive
I'm friends with some of the best people in the entire world, who constantly restore my faith in the human race.
I'm good at being on time.
I love IKEA
Soulseek is my new best friend.

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