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THIS is why I couldn't sit still the other day.

I was on... the... U2 CONCERT IN OSLO ON THE VALLE HOVIN STADIUM!!!! Oh my God, I can't believe it! It was the best day of my life! Seriously!

Got up around 7:30 am in the morning. Went to the airport around 8:30 am, and landed in Oslo around 10:00 am. Then we took the bus into the stadium, we were there around 11 pm. So, we sat in line and waited for 6 hours, then the doors opened at 5:00 pm, and I just RAN down to the stage at got the PERFECT place next to the platform Bono and Edge (and Adam too actually!) use to walk out on! :D Then we waited for 4 hours (standing >_<), watched Razorlight and Paddy Casey play and then finally, at 9:00 pm... U2 walked on stage.

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