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Like *omgsquee* I have a new layout ^_^

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Locke is my hero! I'm turning into
a total Lostfreak. Which is kinda sad, because season 2 is almost over.
Only 3 episdoes left. And I dunno when the next season will start,
so I'll probably end up waiting aaages for it to start.
Good thing is there will be 6 seasons or something, though...

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Ok, what a fucking coincident! :D

At school today we got to know that we're watching Groundhog Day tomorrow! And guess who's in it? That's right, Bill is. So I'm all excited about that, 'cause I haven't seen it yet. And, in addition to that, we had to write a paper, either on Bill Murray or Harold Ramis (the director). So when the teacher asked who wanted to do Bill I was like "me, me! Pick me!" He laughed, lol. But yeah, so I'm of course already finished with the 2 page paper on Bill. Wooo.

Can't wait until school tomorrow! xD And this is probably the first and last time I'll ever say that.

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Just a brief update.

I changed my layout. Bill = <3. He deserves a photo posted:

Awwww :D

Anyway, the summer's not far away now. I can't wait until the holidays, ahhhh. And omg, I just love the sun! Don't you?! The weather has been verrrrrry pretty here lately, so I've been lying around in the sun all day long.


"I'm not worried about you."
- Bill Murray aka Bob Harris in Lost In Translation

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Seriously - how awesome is this guy?!

I've known his face forever, but I never knew his name until recently, when I got to see Cinderella Man and Sideways. It was particularly Sideways that made me catch interest in Paul Giamattis acting (what a masterpiece of a movie btw, but that's another story). Then I realized that I actually own five movies he participated in! He really is a marvellous actor, and I think it's great that he finally gets the recognition he deserves. (Should've won that Oscar though!)
It's a shame that there's no proper fansite for him out on the net.

Anyways, Paul Giamatti's got a lot of new projects going on, and I'm really
excited to see his next movies.
I'll be sure to catch'em all, as should everyone :D