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Merry Christmas.

I am so bored. And Mark doesn't want to have a discussion with me on MSN about wheather he is a virgin or not. I don't wanna go to sleep, sleep is boring during night time, it's just fun in the morning.

*Stares for 3 minutes at screen*

So we got a laptop. I'm in my bed right now, on the laptop. :D And, I'm watching TV. Rad.

I'm sleepy. But I'm not going to sleep, not yet. I'm going to ramble on for a while. That's how bored I am right now.

I cleaned my room today. And sorta rearranged it. Well, the drumkit. It looks much better now. I looove my room. All the U2-ness, and Kevyness. Hee. I definitely need some Jack Nicholson posters though. Mhm.

Wooo, it's actually Christmas Eve. Or, it will be, anyhow. Presentsss. ^^ We open them on Christmas Eve here in Norway. That's rather strange, eh? I bought the best presents for my friends and family this year - everyone of them's getting exactly what they want. Hee! And I usually suck at Christmas presents.

Hmmm. I wanna watch a Disney movie now. Maybe 'Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas'. Yeah...

Oo.. Mark answered now, haha. What a funny bunny.
Tags: boredom, rambling, randomness, tiredness
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