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taking surveys for money

Hey, don't worry, my account hasn't been hacked or anything. But I've been taking surveys for $$$ and thought there might be a couple people on here who would be interested. In the past 2 months, I've made over $20 in cash and $25 in gift certificates for about an hour or two combined of survey taking. Obviously it's nothing to live off of, but it's decent beer money considering I just filled out a few surveys online, and hey the amazon gift cards have paid for Christmas presents. Anyway, I get money for every survey taken by every person I refer, so if it sounds like something you'd like to do, click here:

Sometimes you will start a survey and it will tell you you don't fit the criteria they're looking for, but just keep trying. I figure most of us are already wasting time online anyway, might as well make a few bucks doing it. ;)

beckyaya, I first heard about this from you years ago so I hope you're getting some $$$ from the surveys I've done!
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driving mikey

I've found 30 or so photos of myself on flickr and googleimages that people have taken of me driving the horse carriage. I just found a pretty sweet one of Adam and I driving Mikey, and our boss driving Nacho behind us:

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I've found lots of photos of me driving at the old company, but this is the first one of me driving with Mikey (even though I don't actually have the reins in my hands, haha), so that's exciting.
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photo contest

Okay I'm pretty excited 'cause I never win anything!

My photo got an Honorable Mention in the Photo Contest.

Here it is:

The people in the photo are my friend Jennianne, and boyfriend Adam, on Keeper and Ax, respectively.

I am not a photographer but it is not hard to take gorgeous pictures when you are provided with beautiful lighting, scenery, and horses!

Incidentally, k7point5 won first prize, so congrats to her!
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picture post from this weekend

So I played tourguide for kateandjack and her friend Naomi on Thursday night, and Friday night they took a carriage ride with me! We snapped a photo with Nacho:

I ended up taking the train home to fetch my car from my mom's house on Friday, which meant I was able to see Axie!!!

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She is looking very roly-poly already! I asked the BO to cut back her feed a little bit now that she's not being ridden regularly. I'm SO glad that her winter coat is starting to grow in, because she got sooo bleached out this summer. I'm very happy to have my BLACK horse back again, thank you very much! She's not 100% back yet but it's better! I rode her for a bit outside-- the weather was beautiful-- and she was a very good girl.

Saturday at work we drove Mikey, the black percheron, again. I love him!

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Adam and I went to a party Saturday night after work, and this is what happens when we do those self-taken photos:
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So it was a decent weekend but it went by way too fast. I spent more time traveling and bringing my car back and forth and taking the train back and forth than anything. And I have the most awful cold! Ick.
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new equine coworker, and a very tall man

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is Mikey, he's a 7-year-old Percheron who we got to drive at work today (he's a bit of a freak but very sweet, and apparently camera-shy-- I could not get him to look at me for a picture!). My boss said he's 18.3 hh, but I think he's actually a little taller than that. Anyway, I'm fairly certain he's THE biggest horse I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot of big horses, which is silly since I'm 4'11 3/4". Anyway, we're out there at the carriage stand today, and this guy walks up who had to have been 7-and-a-half feet tall. See him compared to Mikey Collapse )
The guy whose head you can barely see between Mikey and The Very Tall Man is my boss, who is over 6 feet tall. I could not stop staring. This guy could look down on the top of Mikey's head whereas when I stand next to him I'm eye-level with Mikey's chest!!!
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It's probably terrible that I was snapping all these photos of this guy, who probably gets gawked at all the time, but I thought it was so crazy that I was just remarking to Adam that Mikey is the biggest horse I've ever really been around, and then up walks this guy who could put his chin on the horse's poll.

Also, Ayla Brown, that chick from American Idol, walked by the carriage stand today too. I didn't get any cell phone pictures of her. lol
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my weekend

Had a really good weekend this weekend. Friday Adam and I went to have some drinks with my friend's parents that live in Palm Springs. They are basically responsible for Adam and I meeting. When I was on vacation in California with my friends in January, we went to visit one of my friend's parents in Palm Springs, and his mom said, "Hey why don't you go horseback riding down the street?" So Jackie and I went, and met Adam, and the rest is history. So it was really nice for Adam to meet them and vice versa. They invited us to stay at their gorgeous huge house in Palm Springs when we move there this winter. Sunny Bono lives over the back fence, Barry Manilow next door, and I think she said Julia Roberts or someone is right down the street, and that Frank Sinatra went to a party at their house once, and last summer they rented it to "some famous English actress" that Dan-o's mom couldn't think of the name of. Hah.

After that we got drunk at Conduit Labs in Kenmore Square with a bunch of friends and Adam won at Poker.

Saturday during the day Adam and I went for a carriage ride (lol!) and walked the Freedom Trail and had lunch. We got offered a job with another company and took it (more on that later).
Saturday night we went to a party to welcome my friend Sean, who has been in Scotland for the past year, back to the states. There were lots of good friends there and it was great to catch up with everyone!

Sunday we had to work, which was the best workday I've had in...ever. It was very laidback and relaxing, and profitable. We got out of work much earlier than we're used to, and came home and watched movies.

Then on Monday Adam and I went sailing on Boston Harbor in a gorgeous 31' sailboat. A couple months ago a guy came up to us and gave us coupons for a free sail, so we called him up and he remembered us and he took us out for a 2 hour cruise around the harbor. It was lovely and romantic. We had dinner at The Black Rose afterwards, which I've always wanted to try. So overall it was a great long weekend. Oh and today, I got a check from the people whose camera I mailed back to them-- they gave me a reward! That was a nice bonus!

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apartment photos

Well I thought I'd share some photos of my new apartment with you all, since I love it so much. I wish I wasn't graduating because I wanna stay here forever!!! It's as close to campus as can be without being on Comm Ave, and it's super close to the B, C, and D green lines as well so getting anywhere is easy. And the neighborhood (Brookline) is really classy with lots of nice restaurants and shops and bakeries and book stores.

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