Wambolt's Wooden Wonders (_acerbusangelus) wrote,
Wambolt's Wooden Wonders

Tack sale

One week from yesterday (Saturday March 27), Hanson Riding Club is having their annual tack sale in Middleboro, MA. Adam and I rented a space and we'll be selling saddles, bridles, bits, riding clothes, new and used chaps (full and half), and lots of other stuff. I know some of you are in the area, so if you need some cheap stuff, you should come and bargain hunt! Or rent a space to sell some stuff if you're like me and have way too much already :P My aunt is going to borrow a corner of our booth and sell some her equestrian artwork too.

That said, I have a LOT of tack to clean this week to get it ready to sell! Eek!

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