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Hello. I’m Selene.

I am in love with vampires, music, reading, live journal, cars, quilting, art, my pets, movies, and alpacas.

Music: Tool, Dream Theater, Hurt, Shinedown, Led Zeppelin, Cold, Third Eye Blind, Pink Floyd, Goo Goo Dolls, Queensryche, A Perfect Circle, Staind, Vast, Days of the New, Live, CSNY, Bush, Puscifer, Boston, Queen, Sting, Cold Shovel, Eric Clapton, Journey, Filter, Manson, The Who, Killswitch Engage, Zakk Wylde, Four Star Mary, Rob Zombie, Tantric, Lynyrd Skynyrd In Flames, Disturbed, AC/DC, Taproot, Team Sleep, Korn, Flaw, Kramus, etc.

  • AEnima/ Eulogy/ Vicarious/ Ticks & Leeches ~ Tool
  • Blind Faith/ Vacant/ Hollow Years ~ Dream Theater
  • Goodbye Blue Sky/ What Shall We Do Now?/ Wish You Were Here ~ Pink Floyd
  • Motorcycle Drive By/ Blinded/ Hit and Run ~ Third Eye Blind
  • Bleed/ Same Drug ~ Cold
  • Excess Baggage/ Epiphany/ Mudshovel ~ Staind
  • Danse Russe/ Rapture/ House Carpenter ~ Hurt
  • Pet/ Judith ~ A Perfect Circle

    -Science Fiction/ Fantasy-

    Marion Zimmer Bradley:
  • The Fall of Atlantis
  • Darkover Series

    Tanya Huff:
  • The Keeper Chronicles
  • The Blood Series
  • The Smoke Series

    Gayle Greeno:
  • Ghatti Series

    The Elven Series - Mercedes Lackey & Andre Norton
    Nocturne - Elaine Bergstrom

    -Classic/British Lit-

    Aldous Huxley:
  • Island
  • Brave New World

  • Macbeth
  • Hamlet
  • The Tempest
  • King Lear

    1984 - George Orwell
    Passage to India - E.M. Forster

  • 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, aaron lewis, ac/dc, acceptance, agnostic, angel, angelina jolie, angus young, archaeology, arly jover, australian shepherds, ballbreaker, black, black cats, black crowes, black label society, black makeup, black sabbath, blade, blood, blue oyster cult, bo bice, bon scott, boston (rock band), brandon lee, brian johnson, brian may, bruce willis, buffy the vampire slayer, bullitt mustangs, cars, cats, chocolate, david draiman, david duchovny, die hard, disturbed, dogs, dragons, dream theater, drusilla, edgar allan poe, egypt, egypt hollow, eric clapton, fast and the furious, fire, foo fighters, four star mary, freddie mercury, godsmack, gone in sixty seconds, goo goo dolls, gothic, greek food, guitar, hackers, halloween, hot topic, house of 1000 corpses, hurt, indiana jones, jack black, james bond, james marsters, jason statham, jimmy eat world, john rzeznik, johnny depp, journey, keanu reeves, korn, kottonmouth kings, kramus, lacuna coil, led zeppelin, linkin park, live, lord of the rings, lynyrd skynyrd, mad max, mallrats, marilyn manson, marion zimmer bradley, maynard, mel gibson, metallica, monty python, mulder, music, mustang gt, offspring, ozzy osbourne, piercings, pink floyd, poison, queen, queensryche, rain, rammstein, red, red hot chili peppers, reo speedwagon, road warrior, rob zombie, rock, rock music, sarcasm, school of rock, schwarzenegger, science fiction, scully, sean connery, sex, shinedown, smile empty soul, snakes, space-dye vest, spike, staind, storms, system of a down, taproot, tattoos, terminator 2, the crow, the matrix, the offspring, the terminator, the wall, the who, the x-files, third eye blind, third reich, tomb raider, tool, underworld, vampires, vampirism, vast, vin diesel, vodka, werewolves, wesley snipes, white zombie, witches, xbox, zakk wylde, zombies