September 23rd, 2010

House Carpenter

We're all ok, until the day we're not.

Today, I have a full, uninterrupted day of class. I would so much rather be in bed!

I have been writing quite a bit in my little moleskine notebook since school started. I'm taking two English classes, so I have no lack of material to muse on. So far, the classes have been ok. At least I like both of the professors.

Life is about the same that it has been for awhile. I'm almost done with my AT days at the base, so Ill be able to focus on school and hopefully get a part-time job on campus. I applied to two, but haven't heard anything back yet.

The rest of my classes are not so good. They aren't as much work as I was afraid they were going to be, which is fantastic, but they are all pretty boring. I'm terrified that they're going to dump a whole load of work on my lap right in the middle of the semester and I won't have time to do well. But, we'll see.

I was fortunate enough to work at the farm all summer! It was great. I love my alpaca friends so much. On my last day, baby Vincennes was born! It was a great going away present.

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