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Save yourself.

So, here we are, a month after my last post. I still don't have a car. I do, however, have my MacBook Pro. Using it right now, in fact. I also just picked up my copy of the Adobe Creative Suite CS4. Things are going surprisingly well with the Mac, actually. Still shaky on the software, but I'll get it figured out.

I have not worked very much on my literature list lately. I got Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice out of the library, but I haven't hardly started the latter. I've been doing other things.

I finished Bioshock, which is part of why I haven't been reading...

Milo and I bought our surround sound system. It's great! We also turned my desktop into a media server. After setting it up, we decided to hook it up to the TV/surround system, and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, giving us a computer with a 40in monitor. ^__^

Other than that, everything is about the same.
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