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You're dying in slow motion.

It's funny how plans change. Even big plans. It's funny how things don't work out how you had expected, but wind up being better than anything you could have wished for.

I've never felt like I've deserved anything. I have 6 years of Live Journal entries to prove that. Well, anything expect solitude. Figured I at least deserved to be alone. I'm finding that I feel very different lately.

It's nice to not be the second choice. Or even lower. It's nice to be exactly what someone wants. Especially when they know who you are, even at your worst, and you still make them happy. It's also really nice to be happy.

I've never not worried about important things. These days, the only thing I really worry about is homework. Everything else will work out. I'm not even concerned. We'll finish school, we'll get jobs, we'll do what we do, and we'll be happy. That's what matters.

So, there we have it. Try not to have preconceived notions about things and you might get surprised by the way things turn out.

Also, The Office is awesome. ^__^
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