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I know a town where people are runnin'...

So, I got my Zune HD, and I love it. The screen is beyond beautiful. The touch technology is wonderful. It has all the classic Zune features that I love, including the awesome wireless syncing with my network at home. Granted, I bought it not even a week after the release date, so it has some improvements to make. It could stand to have a few more apps to make the internet browser the work horse that it could be. But, as has been pointed out by Microsoft themselves, it is meant to be a media device primarily. Either way, I love the damn thing. Worth every penny I paid for it.

Not a ton going on it my life otherwise. A lot of school. Luckily, not so much work now. I love having my Tuesdays/Thursdays free.

I'm thinking of doing some art in the near future. I'm tired of taking so many art history classes and English classes, but not actually making my own art. Not that my stuff is amazing, but it's whatever.

Alright, back to school...

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