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Green to the red...

Once again, I turn to LJ to vent my irritation.

People are fucking stupid.

For anyone that is unaware, I'm not an Apple fan. At all. In fact, I can safely go as far as to say I hate them with a passion that is rarely paralleled. My hatred for Apple stems from a general love of Microsoft. I love my Xbox and my Xbox 360. More importantly (to this discussion) is my admiration of my Zunes. I have an 80 GB and a 4 GB. They are beautiful, useful little machines.

This week, the Zune HD came out. It is pointed toward being an ipod touch competitor. It is half the weight, slightly smaller in all dimensions, has better LED technology that provides a brighter screen with better depth, and HD radio access.

But somehow, that's not good enough for Apple users. Today I read an article that bashed my new little friend. Said they weren't as well designed as an ipod touch. Because having a back case that gets scratched the second you get it out of the box is good design. Or weighing almost 5 ounces compared to 2.6 ounces is awesome. Also, the Zune has a browser that isn't Safari, which is always a plus. My favorite part is how they say it won't ever be as big as Apple, like that's Microsoft's goal. My guess would be that Microsoft wanted to make something different, so they created the Zune. The fact that it cuts into Apple's market by a few percentage points is just an added bonus. The HD was not created to "save the line". The line doesn't need saving-- it's perfectly fine where it is.

This particular writer also bitched about the software. That's somewhat fair. It's not the best software, but only because it's slow. It has plenty of decent features and is easy to use and understand. I taught my 50 year old boss to use it in 5 minutes and she's horrible with computers. However, itunes isn't any better. I've never talked to a single person (even ipod fan-persons) who likes itunes. It too, is a pain in the ass.

One of my favorite things about Zune is being able to use my Microsoft points that I added for my Xbox 360 to buy songs and other content. Because my Zune account is connected to my email address, I can log into Xbox or Zune, and pull from the same pool of points. It's a really nice system, in my book.

Either way, I'm buying my 16 GB Zune HD this weekend. And anyone that doesn't like it can suck it dry.
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