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So very goddamn holy.

I'm writing an entry right before bed. Again. One would think I would learn that this much thinking right before bed always keeps me awake. Alas, here I am, writing again.

Had a decent day. Didn't go to the farm today because I didn't feel good and needed a break. Ended up going car shopping with Milo, which was fun. Drove way to fast on the interstate. That's what they dealership gets for letting people go on test drives alone.

Other than that, I just did a lot of cleaning/laundry and worked on my new quilt. jenN and John are supposed to come tomorrow, so I needed to straighten this place up. It was a little shameful.

The new quilt is coming along. Not quite as quickly as I'd hoped, but still making progress. I have to buy some more fabric tomorrow.

Watched "Fight the Future" last night. It had been awhile. And by "watched" I mean "slept through". I think it's funny that the only two movies I have in my bedroom are X-Files and The Crow. *sigh*

Made another new Hurt icon. This time I went with "Danse Russe".

Guess I should get to bed.
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