House Carpenter

We're all ok, until the day we're not.

Today, I have a full, uninterrupted day of class. I would so much rather be in bed!

I have been writing quite a bit in my little moleskine notebook since school started. I'm taking two English classes, so I have no lack of material to muse on. So far, the classes have been ok. At least I like both of the professors.

Life is about the same that it has been for awhile. I'm almost done with my AT days at the base, so Ill be able to focus on school and hopefully get a part-time job on campus. I applied to two, but haven't heard anything back yet.

The rest of my classes are not so good. They aren't as much work as I was afraid they were going to be, which is fantastic, but they are all pretty boring. I'm terrified that they're going to dump a whole load of work on my lap right in the middle of the semester and I won't have time to do well. But, we'll see.

I was fortunate enough to work at the farm all summer! It was great. I love my alpaca friends so much. On my last day, baby Vincennes was born! It was a great going away present.

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The Mission

Chase the ghosts from me.

Man, I forgot how much I love "The Mission" by Puscifer. So, so great. I <3 Maynard.

I got my new car. It's pretty amazing, though I'm still a little shaky with the manual. I'll get it perfected eventually. Milo loves driving it. It's a hell of a lot of fun. If it ever stops raining in Indiana, I'll post some pictures on Facebook.

One of my friends is trying to lose some weight for the wedding and is sort of dragging me down with her. I'm getting pretty annoyed with it. She keeps getting bent because I don't want to exercise with her over at our school rec center. First, I don't want to because we have a little gym in our building that works just fine for me. Second, my physical therapist isn't thrilled with the idea of me even using the elliptical, let alone going Zumba or cycling. But, she says I'm not supportive. I just don't know why this is my problem? Not to mention, she keeps implying that I need to lose weight. I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind losing about 10 pounds, but my main goal is just to get in shape enough to be ready for my PT test. So, in short, she's really pissing me off.

So, my spring break was really boring. I did homework, learned to drive my car, and watched a lot of The Office and Angel. That's about it. *sigh*
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Save yourself.

So, here we are, a month after my last post. I still don't have a car. I do, however, have my MacBook Pro. Using it right now, in fact. I also just picked up my copy of the Adobe Creative Suite CS4. Things are going surprisingly well with the Mac, actually. Still shaky on the software, but I'll get it figured out.

I have not worked very much on my literature list lately. I got Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice out of the library, but I haven't hardly started the latter. I've been doing other things.

I finished Bioshock, which is part of why I haven't been reading...

Milo and I bought our surround sound system. It's great! We also turned my desktop into a media server. After setting it up, we decided to hook it up to the TV/surround system, and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, giving us a computer with a 40in monitor. ^__^

Other than that, everything is about the same.
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Danse Russe

You're dying in slow motion.

It's funny how plans change. Even big plans. It's funny how things don't work out how you had expected, but wind up being better than anything you could have wished for.

I've never felt like I've deserved anything. I have 6 years of Live Journal entries to prove that. Well, anything expect solitude. Figured I at least deserved to be alone. I'm finding that I feel very different lately.

It's nice to not be the second choice. Or even lower. It's nice to be exactly what someone wants. Especially when they know who you are, even at your worst, and you still make them happy. It's also really nice to be happy.

I've never not worried about important things. These days, the only thing I really worry about is homework. Everything else will work out. I'm not even concerned. We'll finish school, we'll get jobs, we'll do what we do, and we'll be happy. That's what matters.

So, there we have it. Try not to have preconceived notions about things and you might get surprised by the way things turn out.

Also, The Office is awesome. ^__^
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You've got nothing to lose, so what is your excuse?


I didn't have the best day today. I mean, I've had worse, but it was pretty iffy.

I really wish that everyone I care about could find what makes them happy. Or have better luck. Or both. I hate thinking that I'm pretty happy with my life overall, but my other friends/family are so unhappy. I wish there was something I could do to help. This relates to several people-- a few of which may very well read this.

Congrats to jenN for getting a full-time job!!

Get to go to Milo's mom's tomorrow! :)

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Evil in a Closet

I know a town where people are runnin'...

So, I got my Zune HD, and I love it. The screen is beyond beautiful. The touch technology is wonderful. It has all the classic Zune features that I love, including the awesome wireless syncing with my network at home. Granted, I bought it not even a week after the release date, so it has some improvements to make. It could stand to have a few more apps to make the internet browser the work horse that it could be. But, as has been pointed out by Microsoft themselves, it is meant to be a media device primarily. Either way, I love the damn thing. Worth every penny I paid for it.

Not a ton going on it my life otherwise. A lot of school. Luckily, not so much work now. I love having my Tuesdays/Thursdays free.

I'm thinking of doing some art in the near future. I'm tired of taking so many art history classes and English classes, but not actually making my own art. Not that my stuff is amazing, but it's whatever.

Alright, back to school...
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Fuck you!

Green to the red...

Once again, I turn to LJ to vent my irritation.

People are fucking stupid.

For anyone that is unaware, I'm not an Apple fan. At all. In fact, I can safely go as far as to say I hate them with a passion that is rarely paralleled. My hatred for Apple stems from a general love of Microsoft. I love my Xbox and my Xbox 360. More importantly (to this discussion) is my admiration of my Zunes. I have an 80 GB and a 4 GB. They are beautiful, useful little machines.

This week, the Zune HD came out. It is pointed toward being an ipod touch competitor. It is half the weight, slightly smaller in all dimensions, has better LED technology that provides a brighter screen with better depth, and HD radio access.

But somehow, that's not good enough for Apple users. Today I read an article that bashed my new little friend. Said they weren't as well designed as an ipod touch. Because having a back case that gets scratched the second you get it out of the box is good design. Or weighing almost 5 ounces compared to 2.6 ounces is awesome. Also, the Zune has a browser that isn't Safari, which is always a plus. My favorite part is how they say it won't ever be as big as Apple, like that's Microsoft's goal. My guess would be that Microsoft wanted to make something different, so they created the Zune. The fact that it cuts into Apple's market by a few percentage points is just an added bonus. The HD was not created to "save the line". The line doesn't need saving-- it's perfectly fine where it is.

This particular writer also bitched about the software. That's somewhat fair. It's not the best software, but only because it's slow. It has plenty of decent features and is easy to use and understand. I taught my 50 year old boss to use it in 5 minutes and she's horrible with computers. However, itunes isn't any better. I've never talked to a single person (even ipod fan-persons) who likes itunes. It too, is a pain in the ass.

One of my favorite things about Zune is being able to use my Microsoft points that I added for my Xbox 360 to buy songs and other content. Because my Zune account is connected to my email address, I can log into Xbox or Zune, and pull from the same pool of points. It's a really nice system, in my book.

Either way, I'm buying my 16 GB Zune HD this weekend. And anyone that doesn't like it can suck it dry.
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Danse Russe

So very goddamn holy.

I'm writing an entry right before bed. Again. One would think I would learn that this much thinking right before bed always keeps me awake. Alas, here I am, writing again.

Had a decent day. Didn't go to the farm today because I didn't feel good and needed a break. Ended up going car shopping with Milo, which was fun. Drove way to fast on the interstate. That's what they dealership gets for letting people go on test drives alone.

Other than that, I just did a lot of cleaning/laundry and worked on my new quilt. jenN and John are supposed to come tomorrow, so I needed to straighten this place up. It was a little shameful.

The new quilt is coming along. Not quite as quickly as I'd hoped, but still making progress. I have to buy some more fabric tomorrow.

Watched "Fight the Future" last night. It had been awhile. And by "watched" I mean "slept through". I think it's funny that the only two movies I have in my bedroom are X-Files and The Crow. *sigh*

Made another new Hurt icon. This time I went with "Danse Russe".

Guess I should get to bed.
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