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I have a(nother) video editing emergency…

I want to add title screens to .avi files. The basic files are ~20Mb as they come out of my analysis software. Adding titles in either Windows Movie Maker or Pinacle Studio 9 squashes the x dimensions of the file, reduces the image quality and quadruples the file size (they must still be .avi files).

Virtualdub doesn’t seem to be set up for adding stills, and people have problems with the frame rate not matching according to various forums…is it possible to use VD?

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This morning a man cycled past me with a 4ft length of scaffolding pole gaffa-taped to his cross bar so it stuck out in front of him like a battering ram. Mean streets…

Also! I bought some of these awesome pink-rubber bike lights as mine fell off and got mashed up. They rule, and I highly recommend them to other bike folk for ease of attachment and brightness and general satisfyingness (available in other colours from, made by ‘Knog’)
The front one is quite wee so I want another to go beside it to be googly eyes!

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Hair Experiment!


As some of you know I have recently conducted an exciting experiment comparing two brands of shampoo and conditioner - for the good of all mankind. My hypothesis was that there is no appreciable benefit to using more expensive products, and that we are all being scammed by evil marketing departments and our own crippling insecurities.

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Does anyone here use Reference Manager? Do you know how to tell it to make the in text citations non-superscript? Or how to download new reference format files?
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What is the point in not buying bikes on ebay just because you are drunk and possibly judgement impaired, only to find that some other fucker has snaffled it up in the night, demonstrating that it was a bargain after all!
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Idiot computer question

A while ago I copied loads of CDs onto my laptop. When I put the disc in it said something like ‘do you want to copy files from the disc’ and I said yes, put ‘em in this folder. And it was good.

Now, some time later and a different laptop …when I put music CD’s into the drive is doesn’t ask me if I want to copy it, I have to go to the specific drive. The track listing comes up as just track 01, 02 etc not the names, and they are all 1kb in size. They will play ok with Realplayer and Windows Mediaplayer.
If I c+p the files from the CD into a disc drive on the PC they will play, but only when the CD is in the drive.
I have tried several discs including v old ones so I don’t think it is copy protection.
Wrong default media player maybe?

What is the problem!?

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Now I’m no computer genius, but I think that the man from Dell who says that the (60% cheaper) AC power adaptors from ebay (for a laptop) are fakes (possible… likely?) and will almost certainly explode and destroy not only my house but many surrounding ones as well, might be telling porky pies?

I mean….AC power adaptors are not a cutting edge technology pioneered by Dell, which nobody else has quite mastered yet…are they?

Am I risking fiery death?
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Nearly holiday times! I need to speak to the boss before I go and she wont come out of her meeting! Gnnnhh!


Have a good week, and remember to plan fun activities for me to do over Easter weekend! We get back late on the 20th.