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 This is me not starting this entry with lamentations about how I haven't posted for months. 

So life's been good. No real major developments, other than being caught up in the whirlwind of Rosie's wedding for most of Sept and part of October. I was a bridesmaid. :B I also baked the cake, which was bitchin' if I do say so myself. Lemon-almond, with buttercream and fondant. Halloween has come and gone uneventfully. I just rocked a closet costume and nursed Max back to health since he was stuck in a vat of throat icky for like a week. Boy needs his tonsils out, Itellyouwhat. It was nice decorating my own house for once, even though we used mom's Halloween stuff to do so. We had SO MANY PUMPKINS. (Max has a little garden and the pumpkins became sentient and took over all other forms of life, save the tomatoes which turned out similarly mutated and hyperfertile. 

All the drama with mumsy is FINALLY FOR REAL over, and the house is all nice and renovated, minus some tiny cosmetic additions like the backsplash we're DIYing when we get the time. It's a cute house after all the filth and ghetto was scraped off! The doggies have adjusted well, though they miss the staircase where they could look out the front door. They've adopted Nancy as Mom #2, or rather her stand-in when mom is at work. Nancy seems a little... too proud of this in the face of the fact that they would love a serial rapist and philanderer if he gave them snuffles. 

Mom just got back from Hawaii, where she had fun but they were minorly thwarted by the fact it's winter so it was kinda like being in Santa Cruz in weather terms, though the water was apparently still awesome. They saw lotsa turtles. I got souvenirs. Mia got the BEST SOUVENIR EVER that she has yet to receive, though I promise, it's bitchin'er than anything ever bitchin'd. SHE BETTER LOVE IT. 

SPEAKING OF VACATION I am so excited because from Thanksgiving to the beginning of December I get to go to CHICAGOOOOOO. Pardon me while I explode from anticipation. Seeing Tia, plus exploring new locales and delicious fooooood. Cannot wait. The only sad thing is that I won't be on the same flight as Mia and Mike because I'm a retard and waited to long (or rather, was poor too long) to buy my tickets. But that's okay, because even if I had, like, ignored my bills, I wouldn't have had seats BESIDE them anyway so it don't matter. Practically the same. I'm exciiiited. Too bad Max can't go because of work, but I will just bring him a spectacular gift, and he'll have a chance to hang with his family a bit which seems rare these days. 

Life is pretty good. Now, back to work!
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Semi-Triumphant Return

Back from Fanime.

Slept somewhere around 14 hours last night, to wake up and go to work. All in all, not a bad recovery.

It was enjoyable as always, I took no pictures since I didn't bring my camera. Due to a.... unfortunate hotel room incident, Fat Princess costumes were postponed until further notice (with aspirations to NOT wait a whole year til next Fanime to wear them, even if it's only just a backyard photoshoot), but Flora and Anton turned out excellently. We didn't really get any pictures other than our own and one faaaaabulous dude's, but neither have been posted yet, so you'll just have to wait with bated breath for pictoral proof.

Didn't buy much, other than a Tokidoki shirt and figurine, and another piece of Stitchmind art for my budding collection.

Nothing really amazing and unexpected happened, other than going on an adventure for a milk carton in the middle of the night with Jerry and being accosted by a very drunk gentleman trying a bit too hard to make friends, forcing Jerry to bust out his Asian gang/Dave & Busters drunk-dealing skills. I was very glad he stood up for Mia and I. :)

Oh yeah, the milk carton? For this:

See that little house? I made that house. :3 It said Ellie and had a little hand-print on the bottom, too.

Posting from work, like the lazy champ I am.

Okay, to be fair there's no one here, so it's not like I'm shirking responsibilities by fucking around on the internet!

Prompted by boredom and Tia asking about it, I figured I'm due for a rundown of recent events.

So far in May I have:
-Aged up
-Went to Vegas
-Been privy to Jessica's Vegas wedding
-Rode one of the rides at the top of the Stratosphere
-Went to the Pawn Stars pawn shop in Vegas
-Eaten at far too many buffets
-Ate my first snail
-Hung out with Rosie, albeit briefly
-Went to SF for a day-trip
-Bought a lemon reamer
-Bought Mia a tube pan
-...learned what a tube pan is.
-Ridden a bike for the first time in YEARS
-Saw 2 movies in one day twice (First it was Date Night then Princess and the Frog, then Nightmare on Elm Street and Kick Ass)
-Saw Ben Folds (and Kate Miller-Heidke) in concert with Mia, Max, and Mike.
-Worked like a madwoman on cosplay for Fanime

Obviously the most noteable of those would be the shrimp enchiladas Jessica's wedding. It was small and a little slapdash but ultimately very nice and overdue. We all wore party dresses since it was last-minutey and hellz naw is Jessica the sort to drop bank on something you wear once. XD We actually spent more time looking for something for LB to wear and getting him a ring (we almost got one at Pawn Stars!) than the wedding and legal stuff itself. I have to get the disc of pictures the chapel photographer took so I can actually upload them onto the internet, since Jessica's only internet is through her iphone. Mia took some lovely pictures, as well, which I also want.

Uuuum, that's all I can think to say right now and I'm hungry anyway so Imma end this here. Feel free to ask for elaboration on any point if desired. :D

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My feet are cold.

I'm due for an update, so here we go. At the moment I'm chillaxin' in the living room with Max and his boyfr'en Sean, who is visiting on his spring break from LA. They're playing Just Cause 2 and trying to do something or other with a helicopter, and I've just spent the past long while making ringtones. Hellz yeah Ponyo.

I worked today, and in my brilliance I spilled coffee all over myself en route. Luckily there's a Walmart on the way so I made myself a spare 10 minutes by speeding so I could pop in and buy a new scrub top so I wouldn't spend the day with a big ugly brown stain down the front of my white scrub top and smelling like cheap coffee. It's actually pretty cute and matched my pants (there was one that was cuter but didn't match. :( ) but I need to remember to wear a tank underneath under normal circumstances, or sew the overlapping boob bit together. I was paranoid I was flashing bra all day. ><

My car is all better and has been for a while now, but I have been driving the Eos because Paco has been using it in her carlessness. That has actually been remedied as of last week, with them buying a secondhand Nissan pathfinder, but it's actually a stick, which neither her nor LB know how to drive. They're still using Wuvvums until they strengthen up their calves and have a few training sessions with mom to get used to shifting. The car is actually turning out to be a bit of a can of worms, because they (accompanied by mom and I) bought it from a dude who advertised it on craigslist who they can now no longer contact at all because his number stopped working, and it didn't pass smog (a requirement to sell a car). They also found out that the damn odometer, which reads something like 87000 miles (impressive for a, what, 15 year old car?) IS BROKEN. IT'S STUCK. THAT CAR COULD BE A BILLION MILES OLD.

It actually runs astonishingly well, but it's concerning that the dude would lie so blatantly and try to scam them/us. :/

...I should have told them to walk away the second I realized the guy reminded me of Bartok, the bat from the cartoon Anastasia. THAT IS NOT GOOD JUJU.

Oh well, I'm sure it'll work out.

Mia comes home soon, which I'm happy about. :) We haven't hung out in a while, and she surely will have lots of pics and stories to share, plus she'll finally be free from the burden of school and not so very far away. We can finally get crackin' on cosplaaaaaaay. (God, I'm a nerd.)

I feel very scatter-brained at the moment. I blame the hour and my chilliness.

We visited Rosie and Chris for Heidianna's birthday a... week ago? Something like that. There was dramaaaaaaa but it all got sorted out afterwards, and we actually had some fun anyway. Beached it up and went to Medieval Times. That was a first for several of them, like Heidi and Max. I like being able to introduce people to new experiences, it makes me feel worldly.

I wanna go to Vegas for my birthday. People are actually all 21 noooow.... Hmm. I shall have to ponder.

I forgot how much I miss hanging out with Tia. I saw her while she was visiting for her spring break, albeit briefly, but she's just so peppy and energetic, it's impossible not to want to just hug her and jump up and down. WUBBOOZ TIAR. I wanna go to Chicago someday, and I expect you to house me and give me the grand tour, Missy!

I... can't think of anything else to say. Guess that's the end, then.
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So we got the official notice that the gentleman who hit me admitted fault and I can proceed with repairs on my car. Yaaaay.

No other stunning life developments outside of that, but I figured y'all would be interested in the outcome.

I, uh, made banana bread for the first time yesterday! It was SLIGHTLY underdone but edible (like it didn't puff all the way) so it's really dense, but yummy. Other than that and making my dermatologist appointment (which is a month away anyway), life is uneventful.

A horrible way to round out the weekend.

So today I got into a car accident.

No injuries, only vehicular damage (and ultimately minor, at that), and not my fault, but GODDAMN. I went to get dinner from a local restaurant for myself and the others who were working tonight, and on the way back to the clinic, this dude hits me. We were stopped at a red light, both in the left-turn lane with plenty of room between, he first me second, and out of nowhere this dude's reverse lights come on and in milliseconds he crunches into the front of my car, despite my having laid on the horn like a madwoman. And, of course, this isn't just some simple bumper-to-bumper paint transfer at idling speed; no, of course, he is driving a GIANT Ford with one of those retarded lifts on the back for disability scooters. Said lift SLICES a huge gouge into my bumper while also significantly denting my grill/hood.


I should at least be thankful he had insurance, which we promptly pulled over to exchange. He was a relatively nice older gentleman, and his disabled wife had told him that this was the wrong turn, prompting him to throw it in reverse with the intention of moving over to the empty straight lane beside us, completely oblivious to my presence because of a combination of inattention, his wife's HoverRound obscuring his rear-view, and the low profile of my car.

After we had eachother's info sorted out, I got to head back to work for another 3 hours. Hooraaaay. Sympathy was shared and all, but I was quite frazzled for the rest of the night; I scared some girl because I forgot to swap out the 18 gauge needle we use to draw meds up with the 25 gauge ones we use to actually give shots and she went all bugeyed at the thickness of the thing, but I caught it at least.

It was slightly curious that I was fine during the whole ordeal and throughout the rest of the workday, but the SECOND I got off and was walking out to my car, I started BAWLING. Couldn't even pinpoint why, other than general stress from the situation. Cried the whole way home, but I'm okay now.

I'm heading over to mom's in the morning to call it in to AAA, because the insurance is technically in her name so she probably has to verify or something. For now, I just wanna sleep.
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Kiss Kiss Munch Munch!

Been a little lax about updating, but I've been busy. I've fallen into the swing of work very comfortably, and it's rare for something to come up that I don't know how to do yet these days. I like everyone, though it bugs me when Paul sends me home early on dead days because I need the moneys, but I feel bad being all "NO. I will make you pay me to sit here and do nothing! HA!" yanno? Whatever, I can usually hide somewhere or find something putter with to at least get almost a full shift, and it's still pretty rare for it to be dead anyway so I guess I'm just bitching.

We've settled into the house well, and are basically unpacked and fully moved in by now. Max still has his shit everywhere but that's because we only went and got his stuff last weekend and I had already commandeered the bookshelves. :3 He has lots of electrical and random crap that we have no idea where to put, so it's just strewn about the living room. CHAOS EVERYWHERE.

Actually, it's been pretty nice and low-key. No more gas problems (STUPID FUCKING PLUMBER) or anything, and Max powerwashed the back patio thing so it's not all slippery from moss anymore. There are a billion cats in the neighborhood so I always wake up to cat footprints all over my car and glowy eyes peeking over the epic grass of the backyard. Max thinks he saw a bunny back there, but it may have just been a retard cat with weird ears. We did notice that there may be a cross-wire problem with the neighbor's doorbell, though... oh well, a little insanity is good.

Rosie visited a little while ago and we all (being me, mom, Max, Rosie, Chris, Jessica, LB, Heidi, and Logan) packed up and went to the snow. It was during a stretch where it had been raining like mad here, so there was SO MUCH SNOW. It was awesome, even if it was a bit of a challenge making sure everyone was properly waterproofed. Logan had fun being towed around in an inner-tube and bundled up, and the snow was beautifully fresh so we could actually do that movie thing where you roll a snowball and it gets bigger from the fresh flakes instead of just sitting there like a lump. We topped it off with some random mediocre Chinese buffet and Chris mistaking the Chinese waiter's offer of vanilla ice cream for banana because of accent difficulties.

We also went *drumroll* wedding dress shopping with Rosie! OMG she has the perfect body for dresses, I swear to god. She's so cute and she was SO HAPPY, and our consultant girl was really nice too, though we were hogging her from her other appointment but eh, FUCK EM. I kept thinking that Alicia better get on the damn ball because the dresses that are in fashion right now are TOTALLY her style, all classic and retro. I always wonder if she secretly has a fiance she's hiding from us all or something, she's so secretive about her love life.

...Max's character in Fable 2 is named Dumpling. Wtf? Now I want potstickers, fuck.

Anyhoo, that was a fun visit and it was nice being able to have Rosie and Chris HERE instead of overrunning the house already full of old ladies. They've settled in there nicely, though it's looking increasingly likely that June will become a permanent fixture. :/ I got kind of offended when I went back one day and Nancy had up and boxed up what little remained in my room without my consent so they could move her up there, and I got upset on the drive home, but I guess it was inevitable. i felt worse when June did the same with Alicia's stuff, because she NEEDS to stay at that house at least 2 nights a week for her job at Tracy Sutter. I offered her the spare room here but that's inconvenient for when she works in Tracy anyway.

I feel bad that Mom has to bear all the brunt of Nancy and June's occasional craziness. They up and invited themselves along when mom said "Kay, off to go wedding dress shopping with Rosie now!" They just piled into the car. What the damn fuck? Neither of them even know Rosie AT ALL, it was a wedding-centric trip so we had absolutely no intentions of even going to, say, a mall where they could wander around on their own, and JUNE IS FUCKING BLIND. We were all a bit ticked off at that, but it ended up not being much of an issue because there was a Walmart nearby for them to putter around, but it baffled me how they thought that was okay. They also get offended when mom wants to do things like go see a movie without them or invites Jessica and family over (because the baby is a handful and neither of them ever had to deal with an infant) but it's like, dude, it's MOM'S house and mom's life, she is doing you a courtesy by being there for you infirm wrinkle-bags. Couple that with Nancy's CONSTANT insistence that she owns this, or has seen that, or this (BRAND NEW PREMIERE) episode is a rerun, and I hope she's not getting horribly run down under the stress of it all.

Well, that was a bit depressing. I should go bake a cake or something...

I should have an official housewarming party or something once I replenish the moving/furnishing-costs deficit, even though most of you have already been to the place. I JUST WANT TO HANG OUT, DAMMIT. I end up being off for like 5 days in a row rather often just by schedule wackiness and it gets boring, man. Especially with my lack of school this semester, due to some transferring/outstanding school balance snafus, but that'll get sorted out next round. Just makes thing exceptionally boring for now.

I should make a trip to the fabric store to make curtains for this place. It's bad enough having no art (it seems off to put up posters in a HOUSE so the only thing on my walls is my pig-orange, meat-ghost, and Guaymas coconut head) but no curtains makes this place insanely blank. At least HamHam spices it up a little. (Omg, hamster ball on hardwood is hilarious.)

And.... that's about all I got, I think.


So mom has been running around like a mad woman with Nancy, taking her to this doctor and that to establish her baseline care, for one, and to see if there's something actually wrong with her that's causing her recent forgetfulness (i mean, it sprang up only in the past year, which isn't how aging issues present themselves). Yesterday mom took her to get an EEG after nothing turned up on a CT scan, and she came home from Walmart today to a message from the doctor saying to call immediately because they found something "horribly abnormal."

...I know, right? Doc needs a lesson in communication.

Anyway, mom calls, already practically crying. She's sure she's gonna have dementia or Alzheimer's or something! Turns out, instead, that while hooked up to the electrodes, she kept having frequent short-wave activity, whatever that means, but it equates to the fact that she was having random petit mal seizures several times a day. This explains why she would be puttering around fine, then suddenly forget what she was doing, where she was going, or something she had been taught/shown the day before, and also partially explains why she has trouble sleeping and why she's so sensitive in general. This in itself still sounds pretty bad (though of course it's nice to have a concrete reason), until you consider the fact that this is something that can be completely controlled, and easily, with medication.

She'll basically be back to her former self with no ill effects. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow to get the medicine itself and just have a more extensive explanation to Nancy directly (rather than through mom), but it's nice to know this will all turn out fine, knock on wood.

To Clear Your Curiousity

With the advent of Rosie asking about it, which launched other people into asking, I shall fully explain the whole housing situation here. To preface, I didn't hide this or anything, it was all just kind of weirdly up-in-the-air and confusing so it was easier to not launch into it with anyone until it was more solid, yanno?

Like almost everyone else in California, my parent's house is currently upside down. For those who are uninformed, that means that the mortgage they're paying on, which was set before the housing bubble burst, is more money than the house is physically worth now. This happened to almost everyone who bought or refinanced a house or borrowed money against their house, and it sucks butt. Luckily, we're generally able to cover the elevated monthly payment, but it finally reached the point where it's simply not worth it to pay that much a month for this house, especially with Nancy moving in permanently and June moving in temporarily. As a result, they've stopped paying the mortgage payment. It would seem more logical to simply renegotiate the mortgage loan to adjust to current situation, but because this has happened to EVERYONE practically, mortgage companies will basically not do ANYTHING for you, help you at all, unless you show that you are having trouble paying, AKA beginning to default on the loan as a whole and missing payments. That's when they feel it's worthwhile to renegotiate the loan to a lower value and interest rate rather than just lose their money entirely when the person just completely ignores the outstanding debt. So we've stopped paying the mortgage payment in hopes of them coming to us to renegotiate, which is what has happened to basically every person mom has talked to who has gone this route.

HOWEVER, there is a chance that they will not want to renegotiate at all. Slim, but there. They are legally allowed to evict us after 3 months of nonpayment (we haven't even actually missed a payment yet, though), though because of the backlog most people don't even get NOTICES OF LATE PAYMENTS until they've missed like a YEAR's worth. There's just so many people doing this, the companies are inundated with such things and can't catch up or pay attention properly to what's going on, you know? Rosemary's house that she intended to default on, they haven't gotten a single late payment notice, let alone eviction notice, and they haven't paid for a year and a half, happily living in their NEW house. Her kids are just living there rent-free waiting for the mortgage company to catch on.

Anyhow, being the cautious woman she is, and our habit of being the exception to the rule in these things, she wanted to have somewhere to go lined up in the event that they suddenly decide to completely not negotiate, and evict us right on the 3 month deadline. She didn't want to have to scramble and settle for somewhere cramped and ugly just to have SOMEWHERE to go in the last minute, you know? Our plan in general was, if we end up either not having a chance to negotiate for this house, or if they won't renegotiate to a satisfactory low rate, we would find a house to rent (for reference, it costs less to rent a BIGGER house in this town than to pay our current too-high mortgage payment for this house) in the in-between while we slowly searched for a new house to buy that would happily accommodate everyone, and ideally be a good place for mom and dad to just end up living out their retirements in when it comes to that.

Now, it just so happened that while we're deciding all of this, we hear tell of Cody getting his court settlement for his hand, and that they bought him a house with it. He, of course, is going to be going on his mission next year for 2 years, so they will be renting this house out until then. Dingdingding! We tell Monica about our whole schpiel and go by the house, and while it has it's weirdnessess, it's a cute, one-story, three bedroom house.

They have renovations to do (it was kind of like the people they bought it from had attempted to DIY it up, but gave up halfway through? So like the floor isn't properly installed and there's dried grout junk on the newly-tiled bathroom and stuff), but we've basically collectively opted to rent that house once they're done fixing it up, Max and I will live there (and store Nancy's stuff and do the cookie cutter business) paying the majority of the manageable rent until it becomes necessary for it to become the family's house as a whole, if that ever becomes necessary at all. It's kind of like moving out, but for the sake of family security?

...I think that covers it all? XD Feel free to ask for any clarification or further explanation if something seems backwards or missing a step.

Tangentially, June comes in tomorrow! No idea how long she'll be with us, but she's getting Alicia's room until she can move in with her stepdaughter in San Diego. We cleaned out Alicia's room and couldn't help but giggle while we put pretty new bedding on and dusted and adjusted things to make them presentable. I mean, she's blind.
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I noticed last night that I am physically incapable of fully straightening my right arm at the elbow. My left arm can get fully flat (not all reverse-bowed-out like some people do, but flat) but my right arm retains a small angle. Like if I laid my arm on a table inner-arm up, my left arm would fully lay on the table from armpit to wrist, but if I make my right upper arm flat on the table, inside up and elbow down, I am physically incapable of making the back of my wrist touch the tabletop. If you feel my elbows while both arms are "fully" extended (as far as I cam make them), my right elbow noticeably protrudes compared to the left one, which essentially falls flush with the rest of my arm.

In my whole life, I have never noticed this.

After mentioning it to mom, we realized that this is probably a result of my childhood gymnastics (like my sore knee), from a failed handstand or handspring extending a tendon that then healed stiffly or something, likely aggravated by our familial refusal to go to the hospital unless you're visibly wounded or deathly ill and know antibiotics would actually help.

I know this obviously isn't something life-altering (hell, I've obviously lived with it this long without trouble!) but it's freaky that I never paid enough attention to notice that my dominant arm is damaged.
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