Exciting News

For those that are not following me on Twitter, and so missed the announcement on Saturday, I am very happy to tell you all that Nicola has accepted my proposal of marriage and we are now engaged.

After living together for five years, it became increasingly obvious that we are indeed quite well suited to each other so I decided to make my move.

I roped Andrew Macrae into helping me out by setting out a picnic blanket and champagne on the oval where Nicola and I had our first kiss. I then convinced Nicola that we needed to make a short stop on our way out to Valentines dinner and walked her out onto the oval. I made some kind of soppy speech, got down on bended knee and popped the big question.

Luckily she said yes, so things worked out for the best.

Some random strangers who witnessed the events left a note of congratulations accompanied by a bottle of wine and some chocolates on the windscreen of our car. That was very nice I thought. Romantics appear to be hiding everywhere.

Anyway, that's about it.

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Astoundingly I've managed to pass all my units all the way through my degree.

I just got my results for my last semester, which were good enough - P's get degrees!

That's it then. Pretty soon I'll get to put on the silly square hat, robes and graduate from my bachelor's degree.


Anyway, that's the end of my 4 years of slack, back to the real world of working for a living now.

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Happy Day!

Today is my last day of Uni. Ever.

Well, it's conceivable that I'll come back for more stuff as a post grad, but this is the last day of me being an undergrad.

It's been a long and hard road to get here, financially, emotionally and intellectually.

It has also been the best four years of my life.

I've been able to spend more time with Nicola, learn about a whole bunch of subjects I'm really
interested in, play cricket, discover what it is that I want to do for my next career.
None of these things were possible while I was slaving away in the kitchen.

I am so happy to be out of the kitchen, you have no idea how happy. I will never work a shift as a chef again. Never.

Anyway, I'm going to go to my last tutorials, go buy some Monash branded trinkets and then partake of a number of cleansing ales.

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Grad Job News

Just to keep you all in the loop, I'm in the final stages of graduate job recruitment.

I will finally finish uni at the end of this year and recruitment for all the interesting job is on now. I was cut at round 1 for one place, and progressed for the rest of them.
As far as I can tell, all the interviews are now over and so far things are looking good.

I have offers from three places so far, ANZ, Ernst & Young and KPMG.

I have pulled out of the process for AXA, since they are taking so long about things and I'm not super keen on them as a grad job anyway.

So I'm just waiting to hear from Deloitte and then I can make my decision.

For those who can't count, the one I was cut from was PricewaterhouseCoopers. The fools!

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Cricket Finals

Great news everyone!

For the first time since I joined the Hawthorn Cricket Club, my team (the 5th eleven) are playing in the finals!
We finished the season second on the ladder, beating the top team convincingly in the final round.

Terrible news everyone!

I broke my little finger playing cricket on Australia day.
This resulted in an operation to insert a wire to hold the fragments together.
The wire is still in.
This means I'm not playing finals cricket tomorrow.


I have been named in the squad as an emergency player though, which is nice, so I'll get into the team photo.

That is all.


In some exciting news, I have a brand new laptop!

I got myself an Asus Eee PC and lo, it is awesome.

For those who don't know, it's a teeny tiny sub note book that runs a custom version of linux and costs $499 here in .au.
It has no CD or DVD drive, the HDD is only 4GB, but it is solid state, not a spinning one, the CPU is a low powered celeron and the screen is only 7 inches.
But I tell you, this is truly a case of less being more.

It's surprisingly fast (due mainly to the solid state HDD), the bundled apps are all pretty much exactly what I would have installed on any new PC and the form factor and design of the thing is a delight.
To give you an idea, it's about the same dimensions as a hard cover book, only thinner.
And it's a lovely matte black finish.

I will throw some more RAM at it as soon as I can afford it, just to give it a little more zip, and I'm going to need an sd card to give it a little more storage for media files, but in the mean time, I am once again surfing from my couch and loving every moment.


Marathon Man!

I did it!

I finished the Melbourne Marathon!

I simply do not have the words to properly describe it, suffice to say it was the hardest, toughest, craziest, most intense, emotional, painful, fulfilling thing I have ever done.

Everything from 30km on has already become a blur of pain and determination in my memory.

I do remember going through the drink station at 35km and finding it incredibly hard to start running again, and so deciding that I would simply run the rest of the way to the finish without stopping. Amazingly, I actually did this. Now that I think of it, this entire section was uphill as well.

At about 39km the inside voice became an outside voice, as I started to believe that I was going to finish, and I began madly talking and yelling to myself. I remember getting a few strange looks from some other runners while I was doing this, but since I was passing them, I say bugger em!

Coming over the William Barack bridge, and onto the concourse around the outside of the MCG, the crowds were really great. Heaps of applause and support as I continued to power past the runners who had been reduced to walking. This is where the tears began to flow.

Coming through the tunnel and onto the MCG was just amazing. I was reduced to a shuffle by the magnitude of it.

As I came around the final bend, I heard my friends Simon (who had finished about 1/2 an hour before me) and Stacey and their family calling out and cheering me on, so I ran off the course and hugged and high fived them. By this stage I wasn't really able to see much, and managed to high five my girlfriend without even realizing it!

After that, I turned and sprinted - yes, sprinted - the final 100 meters to the finish line, passing about 20 people in the process and bellowing like some kind of primal beast as I crossed the finish line. I'm pleased to say that I got a decent roar from the crowd for my theatrics.

I'll tell you about it properly over a beer soon!
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Just Keep Running!


For those in Melbourne, who are looking for something to do on Sunday morning, you should come in to town to watch the running of the Melbourne Marathon.

I am making my first attempt at the big race and any support is very welcome, not just for me, but for everyone running tomorrow.

I'm hoping to be at the turn-around point at Sandringham (at Bay St) some time between 10:00 and 10:30 and to be going past Federation Square close to 12:00 (but probably closer to 12:30).

For those keeping an eye out for me, I'll be wearing a white cap, blue shirt, gray shorts with black compression shorts under those.

The finish line is inside the MCG, with free entry through gate 2 (the members entry in the new norther stand).

So, wish me luck!

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Not Cool

There has been a shooting in Melbourne CBD this morning.
The gunman is apparently still on the loose.
If you are in the city, stay inside!

This is very very bad.
Some details here
and here
and here