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Ever Afters...

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4 February 1982
I'm a stay-at-home mom in my 20s who loves writing, reading, and playing with my two little boys. I love to write Spike/Buffy fic and there's been the occasional Cordy/Angel thrown in for good measure.

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"For me, any kind of writing is nerve-wracking, and until you’ve published a book, whether it’s successful or not, you don’t really understand writing as a public act. You don’t see it as this huge opportunity for public humiliation. On the one hand, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted, and a miracle when it actually happens, but on the other hand... it kind of changes writing. You always want people to read your book, but when there are people waiting to read it, there’s something a little scary about that." ~Melissa Bank

Spuffy is hot sex love

Angel and Cordelia are sweet love

Veronica and Logan are love

Buffy and Spike are true love

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