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This journal used to be friends only, but lately I've been leaving more posts unlocked. If you'd like to be friended, just leave a comment here and I'll be happy to friend you back.

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Aaaaah! (Brooke)

Lemon Detox Diet

Hello my fellow LJers. I've got a question for all of you - have you or a friend or a family member tried the Lemon Detox Diet (fresh lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and 8 ozs of cold water all mixed together five or six times a day)? I'm thinking about trying it and would like to get opinions from people who have tried or witnessed the effects. I like the detoxifying/health aspect, but I also like the idea of potentially dropping 10 pounds in 2 weeks ;-).
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Happy Brooke

Birds and the Bees

It's days like this I thank anything responsible for me having c-sections. Christian is at that age where he's asking where babies come from (in the most general of ways). I'm so grateful I can gloss over all that by explaining (again, in general terms) that the doctor gave mommy medicine and made a little cut and got the baby out. Now if only I can start passing the harder questions off to his daddy...
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Drama Queen (Scarlett)

Battle of the Princes

So I'm simultaneously working on Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella mood themes and I've come to a decision. Prince Charming is a tool.

Prince who slays dragons and battles thorn walls > Prince who can't keep a tiny girl from running and then sends his lackeys out to look for her.
Hold Me Close (Brooke + Lucas)

It's Official...

FOX officially cancels Dollhouse. I'm shocked. Not. Well, at least we got several great episodes before they pulled the plug. I was hoping for at least three seasons (or many more).
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No More With the Talky

Buffy Movie

I hope this idea never gets off the ground. If it's an entire new cast of characters, it might be tolerable, but if they are just recasting our favorites - NO! And without Joss? He's the one who brought it all together when the first movie flopped. Here's the link for anyone who hasn't heard about it yet:

Buffy Movie
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