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venting [December 14th 2009 - 07:41 pm]
I will update about my birthday later. I am antsy at work. I got a caller today - situation is as follows: someone called in: “I haven’t received my order and I was charged for it!” me: “ok let me see where the order is (searching searching) nothing. me: “When was this order placed sir?” “2007” OMFG AGGH!@#! dumbass - it’s like really dude? COMMON SENSE.

I need medication to help me with-stand this boredom at work. Bored of my job in particular. We are pretty busy so it’s not that I am bored from nothing to do. I am getting sick of the repetitiveness in my job: call after call after call blah blah blahhhhh. That’s a call center job for ya. I am ready for a promotion. I have worked in a call center going on five years now and I am bored with it. I am VERY UNfulfilled. I don’t think it’s fair that you pretty much have to be bff with someone or (screw) someone at my job in order to get off the phones. I work for a small company so I suppose they can get away with stuff like that :/ I need some sort of medication to zombie me out during the day. Make me happier because every little thing at work irritates me. I don’t want to find a new job either. I will just have to start all the way at the bottom again. And I have no other experience other than this line of work (which I don’t intend on doing forever) Plus I love the hours at my current job: Monday thru Friday weekends off 7-4 (or i can choose 8-5 or 9-6 and sometimes 10-7 if I choose) and all major holidays off ie: Christmas Thanksgiving Easter New Years Day etcetc. I just really wish I could move over to the email team. I have been trying for a year now to move and there is ALWAYS something that holds me back. Or so they say - “fix this - fixed. okay fix that. fixed.” okay what more do you want from me??
Not to mention I hate the girl that asks me for a cigg everyday and only talks to me when she needs a cigg. I hate the feeling of me being used. Like - okay you’re only my friend when you want something?

you can also see my tumblr for more http://85casualty.tumblr.com/

[November 17th 2009 - 08:54 pm]

photo credit: myself

Finally took a trip to H&M with Jesse to look around - and it was NOT what I remember - price wise. The clothes aren't cheap. I found one shirt (which I love and bought) pictured above - for only twelve bucks - a steal! I am surprised I even found a shirt that cheap. I found a few other shirts for like twenty bucks I guess that is not too bad either. The jeans there were pretty amazing and I will definately be back for more when I have $$. The place was a complete mad house. Packed to the brim with fancy rich people (location being scottsdale should have been a dead giveaway). One lady I passed would not stop bragging to her friend about her trip to Paris and her splurge at H&M when she went there. K WE GET IT - you have money! Had to walk away at that point. The ENTIRE top floor was designated to childrens clothes - no offense but that was a bad idea in my opinion. H&M isn't a department store/big enough to designate an entire top floor to children. Overall the store was okay and when I get some more money saved up I will most likely go back and shop some more.

Tonight was quite productive - went to frys before the sale ended and finally got my turkey - PHEW! 10 pounds (smallest I could find eeeek pretty big!) for only four dollars and some change. How awesome is that! The smaller turkeys which were a different brand were more expensive so I figured might as well buy a big turkey. This is the first year I am making Thanksgiving dinner all by myself and I am getting really nervous. (dont know why it's just Jesse and I) Also made some sugar cookies tonight but did not make those from scratch I am all baked out. I am ready for a nice glass of wine now. Too bad there isn't any in the house. Tomorrow: Dinner with cindy :)

photo credit: myself

[November 15th 2009 - 06:23 pm]

The sunset tonight looked pretty amazing. I finally decided to look outside around 6 o clock and noticed how dark it was. I had to snap a picture. I have been a hermit all day. Lounging around in the house: watching t.v. playing Sims (current obsession) and farting around on the computer. OH and eating everything in sight. I Cannot believe how the day was wasted! Really not looking forward to work tomorrow - hoping next week is better than this one.

I am REALLY looking forward to the holiday season this year. I am anxious! I think mostly because Jesse and I have a bigger place to enjoy it in ie: fireplace - spacious -roasting marshmallows inside while drinking some white Russians (Saturday's drink of choice) I am in the baking mood as well! Thursday night I made Swedish pancakes (home made mind you from scratch - flour sugar oil and all!) which turned out AMAZING. Also made a cheese cake later that night. I have been "collecting" food the last couple of weeks to make for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Opted for staying home with the boyfriend this year instead to avoid drama at the grandma's house. It's for the best that I stay away, even though my disappearance will stir up some rumors I'm sure! Just thinking about Thanksgiving dinner is making me hungry! Anyone who wants to come over is welcome. It will just be me and Jesse.

photo credit: The vault

Ended the evening with a cold cup of Egg Nogg.

photo credit: myself

repost. [August 17th 2009 - 04:01 pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Quote from community - literaryquotes

In an airport:

"I look at the people queuing at the till, and I wonder are they going home, or are they going far away from the people they love. There are no other journeys. And I think we make for peculiar refugees, running from our own blood, or towards our own blood; pulsing back and forth along ghostly veins that wrap the world in a skein of blood. This is what I am thinking...I am thinking about the world wrapped in blood, as a ball of string is wrapped in its own string. That if I just follow the line I will find out what it is that I want to know."

-- The Gathering, Anne Enright

oh. How I love this


photo credit: Nasa [July 29th 2009 - 04:36 pm]

Wishing I could visit such a place as this. Ive been itching to take an absolutely amazing photo lately but life isn't absolutely amazing at the moment so it's been completely unsatisfying. Life is stressful and this "shitty economy" is hitting my life hard. Life hasn't been motivating, or "fun." Jesse's birthday is this weekend and I cant even be excited because for one, hes jobless meaning were penniless. And two, I cant afford to go out, buy him anything (at the moment I am supporting myself, him, and his two kids [[loser ex gf refuses to ever work a day in her life]]) Stress is abundant. Overflowing my life are these zits impacting my face. OH! And I live hella far from any of my friends so I have no one around me to vent, drink, party, or sob with. I mean unless I want to use a half a tank of gas getting to any of them. And it's not like I can convince any of them to drive to my place. I am really going to make an effort this weekend to write, or take a great photo. And I am going to try my hardest to not let all of this stress in my life get to me.
And finally a much needed haircut this Saturday appointment booked and everything.

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