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i was talkin to my grandma about joining a gym a couple of days ago, so she bought me a membership and like 3 personal training sessons, and she paid a down payment for seany to pay month to month and got him 3 sessons with a personal trainer too.i'm kinda mad that our sessons with our personal trainers are at different time, because i'm sure it'd be hilarious to see seany work out. i dyed my hair purple, and i've been spending all my money on clothes latley, which is pretty awsome.i finally ordered myself some new plugs a lip ring and a nooose stuuuuuuud. riot fest should be the shit.school's been a pain in the ass as usual, and the annoying black peole infatuated with me doesn't help.i finally didn't have have visitaion rights this weekend with my dad, boo-ya! now i'm off to clean and get some furinture out of my room, so hopefully it can get painted soon.
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