_77_lied (_77_lied) wrote,

ahhh my first livejournal update in years it seems, i never use this thing any more, but anyhow....
everything has been not so well lateley and got worse today. I've been sick and stayed home from school for the past two days, i had a sinus infection, which means i have 2 days worth of make up work i have to do.hmmm well today in  the middle of gym class tom came and got me and escorted me to the locker room then had a female security gaurd with me in the locker room and then when i got out he escorted me the rest of the way to the ceramics room. Ms. Theo wrote me up for taking someone elses goblet thing, it's a total bullshit, i didn't correct her or say anything cause i didn't care to, but i didn't even plan on using the other persons goblet.What happened is today in ceramics i had nothing done on my goblet, so abhner stole some other kids goblet for me and  i was like hell no i'm not gunna use that so i just put it in my bag for ceramics where your bag thingy is cause i didn't know where there project was before abhner took it and i couldn't find their bag so i just sprayed some paper towles and wapped it up and put it in my bag so it wouldn't dry up , so Ms. Theo found it and i have a referal. it sucks a bunch , it seriously ruined the whole reason i'm in high school, like i worked my ass off from when i was a lazy bum and failed shit so instead of being a 5th year i just have to take english 2 second semester in summer school after i "graduate" and i'd be fine if i passed it which i know i would. The only reason i'm still in school is because i can't drop at legally by myself and for art. I don't even need a high school diploma for what i want to do when i get out of high school and art may come in handy once i'm done because maybe it would help me with doing make up for cosmotolgy school, but i really have no reason for being in high school other wise , for the reasons i stated before, i obviously don't planon going to college, and now everyones going to second guess any work i do for art which pisses me off to no extent,i'm hella fucked.
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