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word can help write your suicide note

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word can help write your suicide note

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Sixth foot that washed up on B.C. apparently a hoax, because apparently severed human feet repeatedly and inexplicably washing ashore just wasn't WTF enough.

And now presenting Sitar Hero.

Five obsolete storage formats that we're glad to be rid of.

Do what with my keyboard? Ten things you didn't know you could clean in your dishwasher (besides dishes).

Teacher jailed for teaching Creationism in class despite being ordered not to. Oh, and also for burning crosses into kids' arms.

Police helicopter chases UFO after near collision.

The Israeli Air Force has conducted a full simulation exercise on a bombing of Iran with 100 aircraft covering 900 miles.

Dude finds out why meeting your parole officer in a stolen car isn't a great idea.

Seven bizarre golf cart mods.

Experts: Expect a lot more weird and extreme shit from the weather in the weeks / months / years to come.

Phoenix officially declares ice on Mars.

Genius finds out why robbing a store armed with only a palm frond might not be a great idea.

Cops on the lookout for batshit psycho insane skinhead who was shot three times but survived and escaped and is on the loose. "[His mother] says he is a "lethal weapon" and has always been a ratbag - trying when he was two to flush his newborn brother headfirst down the toilet and stealing from collection boxes at 10. The self-proclaimed Nazi skinhead with tattoos covering his body - including the words Nazi and Sieg Heil etched on his face - was shot. he was taken to Wanganui Hospital with three gunshot wounds. Despite his injuries he was caught having sex in the hospital chapel and then discharged himself....

Unpacking a Lamborghini Reventon (gallery).

In case you haven't seen it yet, BMW's GINA: a shape-shifting BMW concept car built with an exotic fabric skin.

19 very cool looking but hard to read wrist watches.

Human slavery in 2008 - 10 Things about slavery in the 21st Century you didn't know. Including: human slavery is cheaper, more rampant and more widespread now than at any other time in human history.