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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Happy birthday Nikola Tesla, our favorite real life genuis-ahead-of-his-time mad scientist!

Rotten Library Bios: Mad Science: Nikola Tesla

Read all about the man who thought he was talking to Martians, who attempted to short-circuit the Earth itself (and may even have kind of succeeded), invented the AC current as we know it today, and perfected wireless electricity (no, seriously).

I'd write more but I'm supposed to be working, so.... laters :)
word can help write your suicide note

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on the 30th of June, 1908 (exactly 98 years ago) was the bizarre Tunguska Event. 

to brielfy quote the rotten library article:

"On 30 June 1908, there was an explosion in Siberia. It was caused by something that fell from the sky in a fireball.

Some sense of scale is required to fully appreciate the magnitude of this explosion.

The blast killed animals and knocked down trees over more than 800 square miles. In contrast, the atomic bomb blast at Hiroshima created a zone of total destruction of just four-and-a-half square miles.

And 800 square miles was just the kill zone. The effects of the blast rattled and even broke windows more than 250 miles away. It caused atmospheric disturbances as far as Great Britain. The earth trembled all over Russia.

The explosion was the greatest devastation wrought during recorded history, and the only reason it isn't a major feature in the history books is the fact that Siberia is so damn empty. Despite the biblical scale of the destruction, only one man was reported killed (when he was thrown against a tree). Had the explosion taken place over a city, it could have killed millions and would easily have been the most deadly single event in history.

So what the fuck caused this apocalyptic scene? Alarmingly, no one has the slightest idea. Fortunately, almost everybody has an opinion. ..."

the wikipedia article downplays the X-files factor to it being basically a meteorite or comet impact (the rotten library article goes on to point out why that explanation is just as plausible as that of a ufo crash, a baby black hole passing through the earth, a wormhole, or authentic real-life mad scientist nikola tesla possibly short-circuiting the earth's magnetic field (and he did warn an arctic survey team at the time to be on the lookout for weird stuff while he got to work on his doomsday device shortly before the explosion).

a must read.