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Internet scrapings

Today's internet scrapings post is not as heavy as usual, because my sinus is killing me while I work from home. Sorry :(

About Eek the Geek, a circus sideshow freak who left the circus to become the world's most tattooed lawyer.

See also: The world's most tattooed granny, and the world's most tattooed mayor, and (probably) the world's most tattooed cop slash architect.

On a related note, a legendary rant I posted a while back on people's attitudes / reactions to body modification.

Famous people who were once homeless.

A gallery of "insane" (read: RETARDED) bicycles.

YouTube of Big Bird singing at Jim Henson's funeral. Got something in my eye, etc.

All about a new trend where people are opting to live in tiny, minimalist shed like houses of barely 100 square feet.
Now, they live in a place so small, he and his wife use a ladder to climb into their bed every night. The downstairs has a sitting area, tiny kitchen and bathroom in a space that's 98 square feet. The upstairs loft has a bed in 56 square feet of space. They keep extra clothes in their car. (...) The upside? The house cost them $15,000, and the utilities are a mere $15 a month. The couple now live on property owned by their daughter in California wine country, where the average home in 2007 cost $725,000. If they want to leave, the home has wheels and can be pulled behind their vehicle and plugged into any RV park in the nation.

Don't miss the offbeat news updates over at fivethreenews or 53news.blogspot.com/, meticulously tagged for your amusement and my OCD. Today's new tag: Facebook. :D
word can help write your suicide note

Internet scrapings and offbeat news

LOL, Cockburg.

Happy birthday, Mike The Headless Chicken!

Socotra Island: The most bizarre, alien looking place on planet earth.
Geographically isolated from mainland Africa for the last 6 or 7 million years, like the Galapagos Islands, this island is teeming with 700 extremely rare species of flora and fauna, a full 1/3 of which are endemic, i.e. found nowhere else on Earth.

Tardigrades or water bears, uber tough tiny bugs that can survive temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit and below minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit, survive open space.
Microbiologists from the Institute of Aerospace Medicine sent tardigrades into orbit last September and exposed them to the cosmic radiation and deep vacuum of space. They returned alive. Once in orbit, the tardigrade box popped open. Some were exposed to low-level cosmic radiation, and others to both cosmic and unfiltered solar radiation. All were exposed to the frigid vacuum of space. Just how the invertebrate astronauts protected themselves "remains a mystery," wrote the researchers.

BME: Discussing the idea that employers should reconsider their dress codes now that so many people are tattooed and pierced today that it's reached a "critical mass" type of effect.
As Ozzy Osbourne himself said, "if you really want to be different, DON'T get a tatto, because everyone and their mum's already got one."

Neatorama: Ten things about the Large Hadron Collider you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.
Including the fact that the inside is colder than outer space.

Also, a 16 year old girl in India committed suicide by swallowing weedkiller because she thought the LHC would destroy the earth. The obvious question is why she would choose to kill herself in such a painful manner rather than be painlessly obliterated in an instant, but whatever.

Eleven colorful optical illusions that will make you literally not believe your eyes.
With explanations of how they work. Amazing.

About the small but growing movement of tiny homes, defined as homes smaller than 1,000 square feet, often smaller than even 100 square feet.

Cracked: Seven real college scholarships that require absolutely no talent.
I agree with an art school friend of mine that argued that there should also be a scholarship for normal, healthy, straight, right-handed white males, since they've got a scholarship for every other possible demographic you can think of.

Also from Cracked: Nine of the most terrifying, messed up restaurants in the world.
Including a highly exclusive one where you f*ck an animal and then eat it, apparently. Ten more unusual restaurants.

Beehive truck gets into accident in China, triggering a massive swarm of pissed off bees.
Six people were killed.

Obnoxious CVS clerk calls HIV+ patient a "fucking AIDS freak" while his boss looks on.

Tonya Harding Shot JFK dot com. Enough said.

Quebec man changes name to dodge relentless airport screening. The disturbing thing is that it worked for him, therefore it could theoretically work for any terrorist too, right?

Also: House burns down because Homeland Security shut off the sprinklers to fight terrorism. Apparently a lot of other houses may have no water in their sprinkler systems because of Homeland Security.

Also also: Man gets investigated by Homeland Security over bean plant.

On the 7th anniversary of 9/11, Cameron O'Reilly asks: "Assuming there really is a guy called Osama Bin Laden, has he won? Here’s some questions to ask yourself:
1. Is America’s reputation abroad stronger or weaker today than it was pre-9/11?
2. Is America’s economy stronger or weaker today than it was pre-9/11?
3. Is America’s internal political climate more or less divisive today than it was pre-9/11?
4. Does America have more or less enemies today than it did pre-9/11?
5. What would most Americans say the reason for the 9/11 attacks was?
I’m guessing a poll would show most think “they hate our freedom” is the answer. FAIL. I suspect most Americans have learned nothing from the last six years.
...I submit to you that if bin Laden’s objective was to hurt America, he has already won."

Fourth grader suspended for two days for using a broken pencil sharpener. The boy -- a fourth-grader described as a well-behaved and good student -- cried during the meeting with his mom, the deputy and the school's assistant principal. He had no criminal intent in having the blade at school, the sheriff's report stated, but was suspended for at least two days and could face further disciplinary action.

Newspaper sales have fallen a record $3 billion in just six months.

Hummer dealership in Las Vegas to stop selling Hummers and sell smartcars and mopeds instead.

How to escape a hurricane by car.

Italian comedienne arrested for blasphemy, may get upto five years.

Hot rumors are circulating that HP is secretly working on switching completely to their own customized Linux OS to combat consumer dislike and bitching about Vista's bullshit, and then compete with Apple. Makes perfect sense. What good is the best hardware when your OS is a pile of dogshit?

Neighbors keep pissing on the all-glass roof of a trendy bar and nightclub in New York's SoHo.

Israeli jailed after forbidding a pregnant woman in labor past a checkpoint, leading to her giving birth right there, and her baby was stillborn.

MASA plans to put a nuclear reactor on the moon.

Also, Interplanetary internet tested in space.

And now, a cellphone charger for your bicycle, powered by your pedalling.

YouTube bans terrorist training videos.

An Australian politician lost his job after getting drunk and dancing in his underpants at a staff party.

Police closed down a Berlin sweet shop after discovering the owner was selling chocolates and lollipops laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana.

Women are more prone to nightmares and have more intensely emotional dreams than men, according to a recent study.

Australian authorities are on the hunt for a teenager who kicked and punched a confused kangaroo to the ground while his friend videotaped and laughed. Bizarre, because I thought kangaroos could be surprisingly quite aggressive.

The RSPCA has asked clergymen to pray for pets.

Orthodox rabbis blacklist popular music. Yawn. Look up Hells Bells.

Japan leads the world in broadband.

Mom who microwaved her baby to death gets life in prison.

New Zealand's national airline needs bald people to tattoo advertisments onto in a new campaign.

Madonna dedicates her song "Like a Virgin" to Pope Benedict XVI. I'm surprised it wasn't Like A Prayer instead.

A group in a tiny overwhelmingly Christian town in Alabama is ready to pay $50,000 for Jews to move there. DOTHAN, Ala. — Larry Blumberg is looking for a few good Jews to move to his corner of the Bible Belt. Blumberg is chairman of an organization offering Jewish families as much as $50,000 to relocate to Dothan, an overwhelmingly Christian town of 58,000 that calls itself the Peanut Capital of the World. Get involved at Temple Emanu-El and stay at least five years, the group’s leaders say, and the money doesn’t have to be repaid. Via Friendly Atheist.

Saudi Arabia's top judiciary official has issued a religious decree saying it is permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV networks that broadcast immoral content.

Top fifteen most disgusting, repulsive food dishes in the world in clear, large pics, so be warned. Includes duck fetus, bee larvae, maggots, scorpions, dogs and ox penis. I personally know several people who have eaten dog and cat meat, and one American woman who had the duck fetus thing mentioned during a missionary trip to the Philippines.
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Guess what this particular gentleman does for a living:

a) Circus freak
b) Tattoo artist
c) Extreme sports athlete
d) Rock musician
e) Drug dealer
f) New York City cop

Click on his pic to go to the modblog page for the answer.

Also, I'm sure it's not the first thing people notice about him, but he has really amazing eyes.
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It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

Elaine Davidson, pictured here getting yet another piercing, is the world's most pierced human being according to the Guinnes Book of World Records.

At last official count, she has a grand total of 3,920 piercings all over her body, weighing about 3 kilos or about 6.5 pounds altogether, but the number keeps going up.

She does not drink or do drugs.

Originally a nurse by trade, Elaine is 43, hails from Brazil and lives in the United Kingdom where she runs a theatre workshop.
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BME interviews Mohan Gurung, a pioneering tattoo artist in Nepal.

If you find yourself in Kathmandu, Nepal (a small nation just north of India) with at least a thousand rupees (about $20) to spend on a tattoo, the best known artist of the fifty or so working in the city is Mohan Gurung at Mohan’s Tattoo Inn, a modern studio with all the sterility control you’d expect from a Western studio.

With pics of stunningly beautiful Western and religious Eastern tattoos.

Damn I wish this guy were a little bit closer :(
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I never fail to find it interesting that while most people claim to be fairly rational, open minded, accepting, non-judgmental and sensetive (read: pretty much everyone), they can, given the slightest chance, show themselves to be the beligerent, close-minded, judgmental cocks they really are.

I mean sure, it's a part of human nature and all that but it doesn't mean I have to like it, and it doesn't mean it won't disgust me to the core. Just like I realize shit stinks, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy the smell either, right?

To put it another way, I try my best not to judge you if you're a judgmental, self-riteous asshole if that's just who you are (and there are a few people on my flist like that), but my point is it's not always easy.

For example, I've met people who claim they're okay with gays, but if I mention I know a few transsexuals in transition between sexes, chances are I'll see them freak out and go "OMGWTF, what freaks." Or equivalent. Granted, I live in India and most of my friends are or have been Christians, so I can't expect people to stretch that much... most of my friends haven't even ever met an openly gay person, forget a transsexual or a polyamorous individual, to pick two examples, so it's somewhat understandable considering what little they've been exposed to.

Gays and transsexuals are just an example.

But I don't even have to go that far. It's funny to me that people don't realize that pretty much all of what they accept to be "normal" is what someone else told them.

Tattoos and piercings are becoming more and more common nowdays, even in India, so it doesn't freak people out much. But still, the bullshit is there and not far below the surface.

Just for the record, I think tattoos and piercings are beautiful and that they're a form of self-expression. Not everyone understands them, but I don't think you should be quick to judge something you don't understand. I have three piercings all on one ear, I had a pierced eyebrow that didn't work out, and I've planned out a perfect tattoo that I may one day have the money to get done. I also had long hair, wore a gas mask and a black silk dress to art school for most of three years, had my hair dyed blue, violet, blood red and bleached, and had a mohawk as most of you probably know. Just for the record.

I lurk compulsively at modblog, Shannon Larratt's blog covering the world of tattoos, piercings and unusual body modifications. He's at the very edge of what some argue is an artform and/or a form of self-expression. For example, he's one of the three nutcases that you may have heard about on the news that had their eyeballs tattooed blue, just to see if it could be done.

I don't want blue eyeballs, and I don't completely understand why they'd want so badly to do something so insanely dangerous... but that's not really my problem, is it? It's theirs. It's not my eyeballs being poked with a needle. Are they nuts? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. But this isn't exactly my point. My point is, I'll respect another individual's choice and self-expression, even if I don't understand it completely or even agree with it. It's another human being's life and choices and that in itself is beautiful and fascinating to me. That's all.

Now take this admittedly terrifying looking bastard for example:

Yeah, I don't get it either, but I'm not one to judge. It's not my face, it's not my life. At the very least, you have to admit he's devoted to whatever it is he believes in and he's trying to accomplish, damn the consequences. And I'm sure the consequences have been numerous. It's certainly not something I'd want to do to my face. But again, it's not my face, is it?

Way I look at it, unless he's breaking into my house with a piercing needle, holding me down and forcing piercings on my face, it's nothing I need to really get pissed off or worked up over, is it?

But you'd be surprised. I dare you, forward that link to most people you know, and see if you won't get responses along the lines of "ZOMG WHAT A FUCKING FREAK," "SOMEONE SHOULD CUT HIS BALLS OFF AND BEAT HIM TO DEATH AND KILL HIM," "WHAT A LOSER, HE SHOULDVE BEEN ABORTED" etc. etc. etc. (yes, I actually read comments like this when his pic was posted on one of the wtf communities on LJ and on other places online.)

It made me pretty sad, then angry. Way to judge a human being you don't even fucking know, based only on what you can see. Yes, what you can see does hint at more than a few possible personality traits and bizarre tastes; but that's really all you can get. You really honestly don't know what he's like. Granted, he could be a huge asshole.... but you're not hating him because of being an asshole, you're already hating him because he looks like a freak.

My point isn't that bizarre, odd people need hugs, or that we're all the same under the skin, or that people do or don't get tattooed or pierced for attention, or any of that bullshit... I'm just pointing out the ever-ready, vicious, blind judgment people have for anything that's a worthy target.

That blind, ever-present hate. Pure and simple. And that's what it is, because it's hardly rational. Anyone that's had colored hair, a mohawk, was a punk, a hippie, a cross-dresser, dressed different, was a skater, a biker... they'll tell you it's there and ever-present.

Sometimes I think people who are in any possible sense "freaks" have it lucky: They get to cause that hatred and judgmentalism to rise straight out to the surface in the plain light of day. Think about it, if you were more "normal" and socially acceptable, you'd never know how many assholes you hang out with on a regular basis. It's almost like a litmus test. They can just cut right to the chase: "If you have a problem with my tatts and piercings / my hog / my clothes / my hair / my skateboard / etc. then great, I can save all the time I would have to spend in getting to know you and finding out that you're actually a huge, collosal, tiny-minded asshole. So fuck you too, kthxbye."

It's actually kind of cool in a way.