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Teenager falls 30 feet off bridge. Cops find him lying on the ground below with a broken back mumbling incoherently, so they Taser him. 19 times.
Cops claim he was resisting arrest and making threats.

The odds of divorce are up to 28% less for couples who lived together before marriage. I clearly remember being told the exact opposite in church, that supposedly couples that live together run a higher chance of eventually getting divorced. Oh well.

TN UU church shooter is fan of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, apparently hates liberals.
"Adkisson targeted the church, because of its liberal teachings and his belief that all liberals should be killed because they were ruining the country, and that he felt that the Democrats had tied his country's hands in the war on terror and they had ruined every institution in America with the aid of media outlets.' Adkisson told Still that 'he could not get to the leaders of the liberal movement that he would then target those that had voted them in to office."

Some quick Google searches turned up these quotes from prominent right-wingers:

"I’ll tell you who should be tortured and killed at Guantanamo — every filthy Democrat in the U.S. Congress." — Sean Hannity

"To fight only the al-Qaeda scum is to miss the terrorist network operating within our own borders... Who are these traitors? Every rotten radical left-winger in this country, that's who." — Michael Savage

"Liberalism is the greatest threat this country faces." — Rush Limbaugh

"It is not a stretch to say that MoveOn is the new Klan." — Bill O’Reilly

"I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. No, I think I could." — Glenn Beck

"We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too." — Ann Coulter

"I don’t see any difference between [Arianna] Huffington and the Nazis." — Bill O’Reilly

"The Islamofascists are actually campaigning for the election of Democrats. Islamofascists from Ahmadinejad to al-Zawahiri, Oba -- Osama bin Laden, whoever, are constantly issuing Democrat talking points." — Rush Limbaugh

"There are things in life worth fighting and dying for and one of ‘em is making sure Nancy Pelosi doesn’t become the [House] speaker." — Sean Hannity

...It'd be hilarious if these guys were comedians doing political satire, but they're dead serious.

More later.