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A slideshow of various rich New Yorkers' sweet rooftop pads.
Via Cynical-C Blog.

Man builds working Batman: The Dark Knight Tumbler batmobile thingy on his own with bare hands, using only the DVD as reference.

Tiny sub-virus (?) that attacks bigger virus discovered, proves viruses are a form of life.
Like a bacteriophage, or a virus that attacks bacteria, except this attacks other viruses.

Member of Saudi Religious Police has been accused of having six wives, which is two over the limit by Saudi sharia (Islamic) law.

How magic teaches us about human cognition, and how it manipulates it.
"Our picture of the world is kind of a virtual reality... it's a form of intelligent hallucination." The benefit of these sorts of cognitive shortcuts is that they allow us to create a remarkably rich image of our environment despite the fact that our two optic nerves have roughly the resolution of cell-phone cameras. We don't have to, for example, waste time making out every car on the highway to understand that they are, indeed, cars, and to make sense of how they are moving - our minds can simply approximate from the thousands of cars we have already seen in our lives. But because this method relies so heavily on expectation - not only to fill in the backdrop around us but to determine where to send what psychologists call our "attentional spotlight" - we are especially vulnerable to someone who knows our expectations and can manipulate them, someone like a magician. "In magic," says Teller, half of the well-known duo Penn & Teller and one of five magicians credited as coauthors of the Nature Reviews Neuroscience paper, "we tend to take the things that make us smart as human beings and turn those against us."
Entire article here.

Cracked: 5 scientific theories that will make your head explode.

Athletes and fitness buffs have better brains.

WIRED: 10 green concept cars that are way out there.

Apple can remotely disable apps installed on your iPhone. As much as I love Apple, I'm not surprised :(

Jupiter and its moons may be plotting to explode and trigger a nuclear winter or even wipe out all life on Earth. Scientists have been observing as the star-like gas planet developed two new red spots, or giant storms five and ten times the size of Earth, and one of its moons flipped over to its side, its icy poles trading places with its equator, among other freaky shit.

New Google network box for offices can scan ten million files.

Exploring the myths and contradictions of coffee.

25 examples of clever and creative navigation in website design.

12 popular modern myths busted. Examples: It takes seven years to digest gum / The Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure visible from space / A penny dropped from the top of a tall building could kill a pedestrian / etc.

The Large Hadron Collider fires up for the first time tommorrow, creating tiny black holes and causing paranoid people with inadequate science education to freak out and believe the world will be destroyed. Yeah, we should be so lucky.

About a dude that had sex with 400 cows. He also tortured and sometimes killed them.

Spam king sentenced to four years in prison.

Also, I want a good subject title for these link farm offbeat news bizarre oddities posts that have become a nightly habit for me by now. Any suggestions?

word can help write your suicide note

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Tiny robotic dragonfly with 4 inch wingspan gets upgraded with an onboard videocamera with facial recognition software on it.
Plans are underway to build an even tinier robotfly with a 2 inch wingspan and weighing just one gram.

Makemake, the latest dwarf planet to join our solar system family.

A gallery of 20 stunningly beautiful light-related phenomena in nature so mindblowing it'll probably make you cum.

Eleven signs that you might be the only geek in your office. I'm finding myself giving the tech guys advice and computer tips. Not a good sign.

Zimbabwe issues 100 billion dollar note.
Zimbabwe's troubled central bank introduced $100 billion banknotes Saturday in a desperate bid to ease the recurrent cash shortages plaguing the inflation-ravaged economy. One of these notes is equivalent to just one U.S. dollar and isn't enough to even buy a loaf of bread.

The Museum of Hoaxes, a database of shooped pics widely circulated and believed to be authentic.

10 things you didn't know about Houdini: Houdini debunked spiritualists. In the early 1900s, many people were caught up in spiritualism as a way of contacting deceased relatives. People who were grieving would often pay enormous sums of money in order to contact the dead. Houdini recognized the spiritualist mediums for what they really were ... charlatans preying upon the delicate emotions of the recently bereaved. Because he was familiar with sleight of hand and other ways of manipulating audiences into believing the impossible, he was able to expose their tricks, which he often did.

Spanish car tweaking company introduces a steering wheel with a touch screen computer built into it that can basically hack and tweak up your car and engine.
word can help write your suicide note

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Sixth foot that washed up on B.C. apparently a hoax, because apparently severed human feet repeatedly and inexplicably washing ashore just wasn't WTF enough.

And now presenting Sitar Hero.

Five obsolete storage formats that we're glad to be rid of.

Do what with my keyboard? Ten things you didn't know you could clean in your dishwasher (besides dishes).

Teacher jailed for teaching Creationism in class despite being ordered not to. Oh, and also for burning crosses into kids' arms.

Police helicopter chases UFO after near collision.

The Israeli Air Force has conducted a full simulation exercise on a bombing of Iran with 100 aircraft covering 900 miles.

Dude finds out why meeting your parole officer in a stolen car isn't a great idea.

Seven bizarre golf cart mods.

Experts: Expect a lot more weird and extreme shit from the weather in the weeks / months / years to come.

Phoenix officially declares ice on Mars.

Genius finds out why robbing a store armed with only a palm frond might not be a great idea.

Cops on the lookout for batshit psycho insane skinhead who was shot three times but survived and escaped and is on the loose. "[His mother] says he is a "lethal weapon" and has always been a ratbag - trying when he was two to flush his newborn brother headfirst down the toilet and stealing from collection boxes at 10. The self-proclaimed Nazi skinhead with tattoos covering his body - including the words Nazi and Sieg Heil etched on his face - was shot. he was taken to Wanganui Hospital with three gunshot wounds. Despite his injuries he was caught having sex in the hospital chapel and then discharged himself....

Unpacking a Lamborghini Reventon (gallery).

In case you haven't seen it yet, BMW's GINA: a shape-shifting BMW concept car built with an exotic fabric skin.

19 very cool looking but hard to read wrist watches.

Human slavery in 2008 - 10 Things about slavery in the 21st Century you didn't know. Including: human slavery is cheaper, more rampant and more widespread now than at any other time in human history.
word can help write your suicide note

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