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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Happy birthday Nikola Tesla, our favorite real life genuis-ahead-of-his-time mad scientist!

Rotten Library Bios: Mad Science: Nikola Tesla

Read all about the man who thought he was talking to Martians, who attempted to short-circuit the Earth itself (and may even have kind of succeeded), invented the AC current as we know it today, and perfected wireless electricity (no, seriously).

I'd write more but I'm supposed to be working, so.... laters :)
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Internet scrapings, offbeat news and other oddities for tonight

Nigerian advises against having 86 wives like he did.
Uh, thanks for the heads up. Bonus: He's a Muslim preacher who credits God for giving him the strength to control them. Oh also, some of his wives are younger than some of his children. Speaking of which, none of them actually work including himself, and he claims God provides the food required to feed and support this massive family - although the article also says his kids beg on the streets for money. LULWUT

Cops drive 4,100 miles from Kentucky to California and back to arrest the wrong man, buy souvenirs on the way, finally realize they got the wrong man upon their return home. The guy they arrested then gave them free haircuts before the cops put him on a plane back. Okay: wat

German police confiscate the world's fastest office chair. It had a lawnmower engine and brakes and was spotted being tested on the streets.

Micropenis defense: The lawyers defending a doctor accused of flashing an undercover cop argue that he could not have actually flashed anyone because his junk is way too small to be plainly visible. Bonus: one of the lawyers' names is Dick.

How to un-Google yourself.

Why you shouldn't grow your weed right on your driveway.

Also, this is why you shouldn't have a fart-lighting contest next to cans of gasoline. Quote from responding fireman: "I think he may have won."

Woman decides to fight shotgun-armed, 6'5", 215-pound convenience store thief... and wins. She actually broke his shotgun during the fight.

Discovery of two-mouthed fish in Alberta fuels oil-sands pollution fears.
This hot on the heels of another Alberta woman who can literally set her tapwater on fire (with pic proof of water spouting a tall blue flame).
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x-posted to useless_facts.

Eratosthenes, an ancient Greek philosopher, was the first human being in recorded history to calcualte the circumference of a planet (specifically, the Earth), and he did so with remarkable accuracy.

Basically, he had two sticks stuck vertically upright in the sand in two towns, one in Alexandria, the other in Swenet. When the sun was directly overhead, casting no shadows from the stick in Swenet, he noted there was a shadow cast by the other stick in Alexandria at the same time.

Measuring the distance between the two sticks (by basically having some dude walk from one town to the other and count his steps) and measuring the length of the shadow cast and angle of the light casting the shadow, he basically figured out not only that the Earth had to be round, but he went on to calculate it to an accuracy of 99% of the modern day accepted circumference of the Earth.

All this using a couple of sticks, some dude walking and counting his steps, and a little maths.

Since this probably blew your mind like it did mine, I'll give you a minute to clean up brain matter off your screen.

He was also the first to calculate the tilt of the Earth's axis, again with remarkable accuracy; and it is possible he also may have calcualted the Earth's distance from the Sun to an accuracy of 99% compared to that of today's accepted distance.

He did all this around 200 years before Jesus walked the Earth, or a solid 1,700 years before man circumnavigated the planet and removed all doubt of the Earth being flat.

Or, you know, he was all wrong and it's all a bunch of lies.

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Internet scrapings and oddities for today

New study proves that unmarried men lead just as healthy lives as their married counterparts, despite being miserable and lonely and sexless. The married ones, that is. Via Fark.

Part of the Olympic Games opening ceremony display was edited with CGI fireworks added into the live feed in real time. There were real fireworks but CGI was added anyway.

The pretty girl who won national fame after singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was only miming, because the real singer wasn't cute enough to be shown. But the singer was Yang Peiyi, who was not allowed to appear because she is not as "flawless" as nine-year-old Lin.

A toddler whose body was found earlier this year crammed into a suitcase was a cult murder. His family killed him because he refused to say "amen" after his meals. He was 19 months old. They thouht he was / had a demon. They originally kept his body in a suitcase because they thought God would bring him back to life. Which, as the Fark thread points out, makes you wonder why they wanted God to resurrect him if he had a demon in him, or was a demon himself. Oh well.

The specific gene has been discovered that decides whether you either laugh or shit bricks at a horror movie. It's a gene that determines how you react to anxiety.

Giant 3,300 Lbs Stingray Caught by Local Fisherman.

Almighty Allah busted on narcotics charges.


Slim pickings as my usual sources are mostly dry tonight :(

Despite this, I'm considering starting a new LJ just for my offbeat news posts. Maybe even a community. Tagged and meticulously organized, since tagging these posts is turning my LJ tags into a train wreck :-P

What do you guys think, y/n?
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Fabulous news.

Old news, but posting for the benefit of those of you who may not have heard.

Brain scan study shows that biology and brain symmetry may determine gay/straight brains.

An edit of the rather verbose and technical article, cut down for clarity and brevity, is as follows:

According to a new Swedish study, some physical characteristics within the brains of homosexual people are also found in the brains of heterosexual people of the opposite sex.

The conclusions of the study showed that straight men and gay women both had "asymmetric" cerebral (front) parts of the brain, with the right hemisphere slightly larger than the left. Distinctly, the results of the study also showed that gay men and straight women both had "symmetrical" cerebral parts, with both brain hemispheres of the same size.

Thus, the brain scans produced in the study found important structures in the brain that control emotion, mood, anxiety, and aggressiveness are similar between gay people and straight people of the opposite sex. That is, the general structure of the amygdale in gay men was found to be similar to the structure found in straight women and, likewise, the structure of the amygdale in lesbians (gay women) was found to be similar to straight men.

This study and other similar studies have been very convincing at showing that sexual preference in humans is possibly determined at conception or developed while the fetus is developing in the mother’s womb.

In either case, it suggests that sexual preference is present at birth.

Other researchers, in previous studies of a similar nature, used responses from their subjects with respect to sexually explicit questions and actions to show a link with sexual preference and the structure of the brain.

For instance, a sample question could have included a picture of a man and a women with the question being asked: "Do you prefer one face over the other?" Such responses in these studies could have likely been learned after birth--thus, not determined before birth.

This study, however, places a direct biological link between sexual preference and brain development before birth.

Their June 16, 2008 paper entitled “PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects” was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS).

The original article partly quoted above:

The scientific paper itself:

Also, for the benefit of those that still don't know, the truth is that homosexuality runs rampant in the animal kingdom. Therefore, strictly speaking, homosexuality is in fact natural:


I'm not even getting into group sex, sex changes, lesbianism, exhibitionism, etc. that you generally may not have heard about in biology class or on National Geographic but that any biologist or scientist will tell you like it's as obvious and well known as the sky being blue.

If you want to get theological about it, animals can't / don't sin because they never bit the fruit of good and evil and don't have souls to go to heaven or hell when they die. Of course the supposed answer to this is that the Earth is fallen and that includes the animals, etc. But then just remember, kids: interracial marriage and women's rights were, up until fairly recently, also considered unnatural too. Just sayin'.

White supremacists and segregationalists thumped the Bible and preached against the abolition of slavery in exactly the same way that Christians are bemoaning the acceptance of gays and the legalization of gay marriage and gay parenting today.

Hey, don't take this heathen's word for it, ask respected Christian author Philip Yancey, he's the one that pointed that out to me in one of his books. True story.

For the record, I am one hundred percent straight.

But I have enough gay friends to know that it's not just a "choice" like, "oh, which pants should I wear today?" or "hey, where should we get dinner?" Even before Swedish scientists armed with MRIs proved it.

But that's a nice bonus too.
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AlterNet: Pot shrinks tumors, the government knew since 1974.

In 1974 researchers learned that THC, the active chemical in marijuana, shrank or destroyed brain tumors in test mice. But the DEA quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results, which were never replicated -- until now.

The term medical marijuana took on dramatic new meaning in February, 2000 when researchers in Madrid announced they had destroyed incurable brain tumors in rats by injecting them with THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. The Madrid study marks only the second time that THC has been administered to tumor-bearing animals; the first was a Virginia investigation 26 years ago. In both studies, the THC shrank or destroyed tumors in a majority of the test subjects.

Most Americans don't know anything about the Madrid discovery. Virtually no major U.S. newspapers carried the story, which ran only once on the AP and UPI news wires, on Feb. 29, 2000.

The ominous part is that this isn't the first time scientists have discovered that THC shrinks tumors. In 1974 researchers at the Medical College of Virginia, who had been funded by the National Institute of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system, found instead that THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice -- lung and breast cancer, and a virus-induced leukemia.

The DEA quickly shut down the Virginia study and all further cannabis/tumor research... In 1976 President Gerald Ford put an end to all public cannabis research and granted exclusive research rights to major pharmaceutical companies, who set out -- unsuccessfully -- to develop synthetic forms of THC that would deliver all the medical benefits without the "high."...

....The Spanish researchers, led by Dr. Manuel Guzman of Complutense University, also irrigated healthy rats' brains with large doses of THC for seven days, to test for harmful biochemical or neurological effects. They found none.

Thanks dark_chrysolite for pointing this out!

This was #1 on Project Censored's Top 25 Censored News Stories of the Year for 2000.