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Tens of thousands take to the streets in protest, Presidential family flees country, Twitter blocked, internet filled with YouTubes of Egyptians defying riot police and water cannons on the streets.

"The Day of Wrath"

Reddit reports in, pointing out that the government-controlled media is letting little information out.

Twitter blocked, protests turn violent.

Even the Egyptian police are sick of the government's crap, according to reports that cops are joining in the protests or helping / not resisting the crowds of protesters.

Live updates direct from Egypt.
"7:46 PM Police fire tear gas at protesters in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria.
8:05 PM An uneasy calm prevails in Tahrir Square as both security forces and tens of thousands of protesters hold their positions. Ahram Online reporter says that protesters are now sitting down in the square discussing whether or not to continue the protest through the night.
9:30 PM According to medical sources, two protesters are dead in Suez, and according to Police sources one Central Security Forces soldier is dead in clashes in Cairo.
9: 35 PM Clashes between Police and protesters in Alexandria. Corniche Road opened.
10:00 PM Protesters in Tahrir square set up a local radio station."

The earliest reports of this clock in at over three hours ago, yet there's very little information being reported.
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