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A fun game to play on May 22

Via Reddit, of course.

Edit: I do not post this as an attack on Christianity as such; I know many of you reading my LiveJournal are Christians. I'm posting this out of anger at these assholes that have either not read their Bible / cherry-picked it, or are deliberately manipulating and screwing with naiive but essentially decent, God-fearing people who have already shitty enough lives facing recession and joblessness, that the end of the world comes to them as fantastic news. Don't forget that there are people who have quit their jobs, blown their life savings, put their pets to sleep, sold everything they have, in preparation for a rapture that most of us (including Christians) could bet their house won't happen. I'm predicting suicides as a result. Perhaps some atheists think this is funny, but I'm willing to bet most of them are appalled at this gross heartless manipulation, knowing that those responsible will escape all accountability though basically what's represented in the image above.

word can help write your suicide note

Why Marcus does not own a TV

So today, I watched an episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians."

Not by choice, you see. I was having dinner at my fiance's place and her little sister was watching it. By choice, I mean.

After only the second minute in, I found myself trying not to weep for the state of mankind, that we, as a species, have devolved to where enough of us voluntarily watch this show.

After the third minute, I completely understood why so many people hate the Kardashians, and realized that my respect for the movie Idiocracy had deepened exponentially.

After the ninth minute, I had run out of ways to think up scenarios where they could all be slowly tortured to gruesome and inhumane deaths.

After the tenth minute, I realized I was enjoying the commercial break slightly more than I enjoy sex.

After the eleventh minute, I had run out of ways to think up ways to commit suicide, and thereby be finally free of any and all memories associated with this show.

After the thirteenth minute, my internal organs began to fail and breathing was difficult. My pulse became impossible to measure, my nose bled and I was experiencing vivid hallucinations of hell, complete with the weeping and gnashing of teeth. I realized there was indeed no God to save us all, and all hope was lost.

I passed out around the fourteenth minute. I still feel ill even now. Maybe I will be okay, one day.

word can help write your suicide note

How I marked Earth Hour

How did I mark Earth Hour? By watching episodes of Top Gear on my computer with my A/C on.

Why? Because I had to suffer through a six-hour powercut earlier that day. Also, my entire house is lit with a single CFL light bulb, the water that goes down my bathroom sink fills a bucket that is recycled by flushing my toilet, and I ride a bicycle whenever possible. Here's the really funny part: I save huge amounts of water, but I don't actually pay a water bill, so technically I'm not even saving any money by doing it.

So it was kind of anti-climatic. I also find it funny that my country makes such a big deal out of Earth Hour when almost every single one of us suffers powercuts regularly all year round, some of us daily, forcing us to sit around sweating by candelight while waiting helplessly for the power to come back on. What's so special about doing this voluntarily?

If Indians really gave a shit about the environment they'd stop littering, shitting and pissing on the streets, and stop worshipping cars and motorcycles and start walking / cycling more.

What a load of hypocritical bullshit.

End rant.
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whune rants about comics.

Comics are the tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. Not enough know or people give a flying crap how great comics really are.

It's the ultimate starving artists' artform: misunderstood, mocked, marginalized, shit on. Even when they win the Pulitzer Prize or make multi-million dollar blockbuster movies. Oh well.
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Fabulous news.

Old news, but posting for the benefit of those of you who may not have heard.

Brain scan study shows that biology and brain symmetry may determine gay/straight brains.

An edit of the rather verbose and technical article, cut down for clarity and brevity, is as follows:

According to a new Swedish study, some physical characteristics within the brains of homosexual people are also found in the brains of heterosexual people of the opposite sex.

The conclusions of the study showed that straight men and gay women both had "asymmetric" cerebral (front) parts of the brain, with the right hemisphere slightly larger than the left. Distinctly, the results of the study also showed that gay men and straight women both had "symmetrical" cerebral parts, with both brain hemispheres of the same size.

Thus, the brain scans produced in the study found important structures in the brain that control emotion, mood, anxiety, and aggressiveness are similar between gay people and straight people of the opposite sex. That is, the general structure of the amygdale in gay men was found to be similar to the structure found in straight women and, likewise, the structure of the amygdale in lesbians (gay women) was found to be similar to straight men.

This study and other similar studies have been very convincing at showing that sexual preference in humans is possibly determined at conception or developed while the fetus is developing in the mother’s womb.

In either case, it suggests that sexual preference is present at birth.

Other researchers, in previous studies of a similar nature, used responses from their subjects with respect to sexually explicit questions and actions to show a link with sexual preference and the structure of the brain.

For instance, a sample question could have included a picture of a man and a women with the question being asked: "Do you prefer one face over the other?" Such responses in these studies could have likely been learned after birth--thus, not determined before birth.

This study, however, places a direct biological link between sexual preference and brain development before birth.

Their June 16, 2008 paper entitled “PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects” was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS).

The original article partly quoted above:

The scientific paper itself:

Also, for the benefit of those that still don't know, the truth is that homosexuality runs rampant in the animal kingdom. Therefore, strictly speaking, homosexuality is in fact natural:


I'm not even getting into group sex, sex changes, lesbianism, exhibitionism, etc. that you generally may not have heard about in biology class or on National Geographic but that any biologist or scientist will tell you like it's as obvious and well known as the sky being blue.

If you want to get theological about it, animals can't / don't sin because they never bit the fruit of good and evil and don't have souls to go to heaven or hell when they die. Of course the supposed answer to this is that the Earth is fallen and that includes the animals, etc. But then just remember, kids: interracial marriage and women's rights were, up until fairly recently, also considered unnatural too. Just sayin'.

White supremacists and segregationalists thumped the Bible and preached against the abolition of slavery in exactly the same way that Christians are bemoaning the acceptance of gays and the legalization of gay marriage and gay parenting today.

Hey, don't take this heathen's word for it, ask respected Christian author Philip Yancey, he's the one that pointed that out to me in one of his books. True story.

For the record, I am one hundred percent straight.

But I have enough gay friends to know that it's not just a "choice" like, "oh, which pants should I wear today?" or "hey, where should we get dinner?" Even before Swedish scientists armed with MRIs proved it.

But that's a nice bonus too.
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If bad language offends you, then get the fuck off my friends list.

(I say that because I actually had someone bitch at me for swearing.  On my own private friends only LiveJournal.  On the internet.)

I'm in one of those horrible moods that won't go away anytime soon.  I hate when I'm in this kind of mood and can't snap out of it.  It was a long day, but my ADIML post being deleted without warning by some power-mad-moderator for violating some incredibly anal, over-the-top rule certainly didn't help.  (And bear in mind I can in fact be pretty anal about following rules myself.)  Just for the record, the post probably got deleted because I said "60 something pics" on the LJ cut instead of "60 pics," apparently that's another new rule that wasn't there before (I'd been in that community for about two years).

Anyway, in the last few months or so LiveJournal in general has become a bigger and bigger pain in the ass and hassle more than something fun and cathartic and healthy.  Especially since some of my closest friends never even post anymore, and my friendslist has become cumbersome and bloated more than anything else.  So I cleaned out my friendslist (basically deleting people who never post anyway).  I'm not even sure I want to hang around anymore, I might just delete this journal altogether.  My life generally sucks enough nowdays that even LiveJournal doesn't help.  Which is really saying something.

Off I go to get breakfast before my stomach goes and fucking digests itself.
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okay, for the last freaking time, yes, there were problems with livejournal comments because they moved their servers, and so for a while people weren't recieving comments in their email, then suddenly everyone's been getting a tsunami of comment email from five minutes ago to sometime last year. 

the official explanation, right from the livejournal gods, is right here.  so stop asking if you're the only one it's happening to.  dammit, does no one check out the livejournal status page or the lj news journal besides me?  argh!

okay i'm done ranting.  off i go.

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don't you hate it (and this applies only to microsuck windoze users) when you double click on something, wait, nothing happens, so you double click again, and maybe again if you're losing your patience, and then whatever it is opens a whole bunch of times?

this is annoying, but significantly more annoying when you're used to using a mac, where things just actually work, and then to have to tolerate windows after that is such a drag.

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