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This is a real Dennis the Menace strip that ran in... wait for it... 1970.

Yes, this actually ran nationwide in 1970, which beggars the question of just how out of touch creator Hank Ketcham was. Were the 1960's something that didn't happen for him? Whatever the case, the Cleveland Press printed this apology the day after the strip ran, printing it in place of what would have been that day's DENNIS THE MENACE installment:

"Yesterday's DENNIS THE MENACE cartoon offended a number of Press readers. The Press apologizes for the affront caused by the cartoonist. It assures subscribers that such a thing will not happen again."

Racism = LULz.


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Fabulous news.

Old news, but posting for the benefit of those of you who may not have heard.

Brain scan study shows that biology and brain symmetry may determine gay/straight brains.

An edit of the rather verbose and technical article, cut down for clarity and brevity, is as follows:

According to a new Swedish study, some physical characteristics within the brains of homosexual people are also found in the brains of heterosexual people of the opposite sex.

The conclusions of the study showed that straight men and gay women both had "asymmetric" cerebral (front) parts of the brain, with the right hemisphere slightly larger than the left. Distinctly, the results of the study also showed that gay men and straight women both had "symmetrical" cerebral parts, with both brain hemispheres of the same size.

Thus, the brain scans produced in the study found important structures in the brain that control emotion, mood, anxiety, and aggressiveness are similar between gay people and straight people of the opposite sex. That is, the general structure of the amygdale in gay men was found to be similar to the structure found in straight women and, likewise, the structure of the amygdale in lesbians (gay women) was found to be similar to straight men.

This study and other similar studies have been very convincing at showing that sexual preference in humans is possibly determined at conception or developed while the fetus is developing in the mother’s womb.

In either case, it suggests that sexual preference is present at birth.

Other researchers, in previous studies of a similar nature, used responses from their subjects with respect to sexually explicit questions and actions to show a link with sexual preference and the structure of the brain.

For instance, a sample question could have included a picture of a man and a women with the question being asked: "Do you prefer one face over the other?" Such responses in these studies could have likely been learned after birth--thus, not determined before birth.

This study, however, places a direct biological link between sexual preference and brain development before birth.

Their June 16, 2008 paper entitled “PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects” was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS).

The original article partly quoted above:

The scientific paper itself:

Also, for the benefit of those that still don't know, the truth is that homosexuality runs rampant in the animal kingdom. Therefore, strictly speaking, homosexuality is in fact natural:


I'm not even getting into group sex, sex changes, lesbianism, exhibitionism, etc. that you generally may not have heard about in biology class or on National Geographic but that any biologist or scientist will tell you like it's as obvious and well known as the sky being blue.

If you want to get theological about it, animals can't / don't sin because they never bit the fruit of good and evil and don't have souls to go to heaven or hell when they die. Of course the supposed answer to this is that the Earth is fallen and that includes the animals, etc. But then just remember, kids: interracial marriage and women's rights were, up until fairly recently, also considered unnatural too. Just sayin'.

White supremacists and segregationalists thumped the Bible and preached against the abolition of slavery in exactly the same way that Christians are bemoaning the acceptance of gays and the legalization of gay marriage and gay parenting today.

Hey, don't take this heathen's word for it, ask respected Christian author Philip Yancey, he's the one that pointed that out to me in one of his books. True story.

For the record, I am one hundred percent straight.

But I have enough gay friends to know that it's not just a "choice" like, "oh, which pants should I wear today?" or "hey, where should we get dinner?" Even before Swedish scientists armed with MRIs proved it.

But that's a nice bonus too.
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Sixth foot that washed up on B.C. apparently a hoax, because apparently severed human feet repeatedly and inexplicably washing ashore just wasn't WTF enough.

And now presenting Sitar Hero.

Five obsolete storage formats that we're glad to be rid of.

Do what with my keyboard? Ten things you didn't know you could clean in your dishwasher (besides dishes).

Teacher jailed for teaching Creationism in class despite being ordered not to. Oh, and also for burning crosses into kids' arms.

Police helicopter chases UFO after near collision.

The Israeli Air Force has conducted a full simulation exercise on a bombing of Iran with 100 aircraft covering 900 miles.

Dude finds out why meeting your parole officer in a stolen car isn't a great idea.

Seven bizarre golf cart mods.

Experts: Expect a lot more weird and extreme shit from the weather in the weeks / months / years to come.

Phoenix officially declares ice on Mars.

Genius finds out why robbing a store armed with only a palm frond might not be a great idea.

Cops on the lookout for batshit psycho insane skinhead who was shot three times but survived and escaped and is on the loose. "[His mother] says he is a "lethal weapon" and has always been a ratbag - trying when he was two to flush his newborn brother headfirst down the toilet and stealing from collection boxes at 10. The self-proclaimed Nazi skinhead with tattoos covering his body - including the words Nazi and Sieg Heil etched on his face - was shot. he was taken to Wanganui Hospital with three gunshot wounds. Despite his injuries he was caught having sex in the hospital chapel and then discharged himself....

Unpacking a Lamborghini Reventon (gallery).

In case you haven't seen it yet, BMW's GINA: a shape-shifting BMW concept car built with an exotic fabric skin.

19 very cool looking but hard to read wrist watches.

Human slavery in 2008 - 10 Things about slavery in the 21st Century you didn't know. Including: human slavery is cheaper, more rampant and more widespread now than at any other time in human history.
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a teenager from a faith-healing family died from an illness that could have been easily treated, just a few months after a toddler cousin of his died in a case that has led to criminal charges. Clearly, it wasn't God's will to heal him, etc.

The brother of the President of the United Arab Emirates (where I grew up) has been accused of beating the crap out of an American man in a Geneva hotel when the man rejected the Sheikh's sexual advances.

Man Loses 86 lbs Eating 1,200-1,400 Calories Per Day Of McDonald's Food.

The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

TIME: The 50 best websites of 2008.

The 25 best computer pranks.

Wired: The ten best vehicles to survive an apocalypse with. Depressingly, no mention of the almighty and awesome bicycle, although it does mention a unicycle :-/

A link has been found between bumper stickers and road rage.

A re-sortable list of the IQs of famous people, from philosophers and scientists to Hollywood actors.

Boy's testicles attacked by pissed off puffer fish. Actual headline reads: Angry puffer fish goes nuts.

Man buys building with intent to turn it into an ATV rental shop; neighbors successfully block him, complaining abuot noise and destruction to property, which man refutes as fabricated; so he is retaliating by turning it into a porn shop instead.

The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico has grown to the size of Massachusetts.

A drug war in Mexico goes completely over the top.

Family dog bites off one month old baby's testicles.

Sixth human foot washes ashore on B.C. Coast.

Canadian family moves home from WA to Canada. Literally.

Married gays find out that marriage sucks donkeyballs.

The best gallery of senior citizens fencing while on walker frame things that you'll ever see.
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Posted in desixtc : The Times of India: Shades of Indian Racism

Reference for those who don't know about the recent Celebrity Big Brother UK racism-charged sh*tstorm.

The Big Brother controversy has launched Shilpa Shetty as an international anti-racism icon from India. This is entirely appropriate as Indians are arguably the biggest targets of racism in the world.

And they are targeted not just by unlettered British yobs or boorish Australian cricketers but, first and foremost, by their own compatriots.

It's because we are so racist ourselves that we are so quick to react to a racist slur: it takes a racist to catch a racist.

And our racism is colour-coded in black-and-white terms: white is intrinsically superior and desirable; black is inferior and undesirable. (The Indian media is already gloating over the rumour that the racist and inappropriately named Jane Goody's father is supposedly black.)

In the Indian colour scheme of things, black is far from beautiful. The colloquial word for a black person of African origin is 'habshi', an epithet as offensive as the American 'nigger', both terms derived from the days of the slave trade.

For all India's official championing of the anti-apartheid crusade in South Africa's erstwhile white regime, north India at least is steeped in colour prejudice ask any African student who's had a taste of Delhi's campus life.

For the north Indian, fair is lovely, as those abominably tasteless TV commercials keep proclaiming: Don't get sunburnt, use skin whitening creams, or you'll end up dark and no one will marry you. (When did you last see a matrimonial advertise-ment seeking an 'attrac-tive, dark-complexioned life partner'?)
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