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Internet Scrapings

Scientists have discovered a tiny 2 cm (1 inch) long shrimp that can snap its claws to create a 210 decibel noise.
For reference, a rock concert from the first row measures 110 decibels. The noise this tiny shrimp creates is louder than the sound made by whales, louder than the sonic boom of a concorde breaking the sound barrier, louder than a gunshot, and would most certainly shatter a human eardrum.

Five unique, strangely colored beaches you never knew existed.

Surveillance cameras catch school security employees stealing surveillance cameras.
Most meta headline ever?

Ten last pictures ever taken of notable people alive.

Three years after Chevron blew up this man's house, he has yet to receive a penny in compensation.
The explosion of the Chevron oil depot was Britain's biggest explosion in peacetime. A documentary is being released to put pressure on the unresponsive oil giants to pay up.

Disgraced Pastor Ted Haggard has revealed that he was sexually abused as a child. Oh, okay then, that explains everything, right? He's not gay, just a victim, etc.

A South Carolina pastor has demanded those in his congregation who voted for Obama to tell God they're sorry for doing so, and that they shouldn't take communion until they do. But the good news at least is that he's officially not the antichrist, according to LaHaye and Jenkins, respected Christian authors of the Left Behind novels. Phew, glad that's cleared up.

Also, priest threatens and attacks reporter who was asking him about an incident where he threw a worshipper out of mass because she had Obama stickers on her car.

Japanese Air Force Major goes to supermarket to shop for women's underwear while wearing nothing but his shoes and carrying his wallet. Apparently, the Major while on his way home from a late night farewell party for a colleague stripped off his clothes behind a convenience store before going in and buying panties and panty-hose. The Major did not appear to be intoxicated and “he had just his wallet and his shoes on him. He thought it would be funny if he went into the store stark naked, that it would surprise people..."

Japan is bored with sex.

200 year old church literally stolen. Quote: The disappearance of the Church of the Resurrection, some 300 km (186 miles) north-east of Moscow, was not immediately noticed. Picture not available.

Houston zoo elephant dies of elephant herpes.

Sex offender found living in University library.

Actual headline: Armless thief steals TV.

Drunk man drives to police station to ask cops if he's too drunk to drive. He was then arrested for drunk driving.

Fearless convenience store clerk to armed gunman with gun pointed at her: "Either shoot me or leave my store."

Psychologist explains that conmen don't con you by getting you to trust them, but by showing that they trust you. Anyone saw Matchstick Men? That movie kind of blew my mind.

Yet another human foot washes ashore, this one being the seventh severed human foot to wash ashore onto the Canadian coastline since August 2007. Still no explanation. This time, however, it's a female foot. The other six have all been male.

German politician shuts down a German Wiki because it links to another wiki article on him that mentions his previous work with the Stasi back in the day.

More tagged, categorized offbeat and abnormal news stories over at fivethreenews or 53news.blogspot.com :D
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Mythbusters, Discovery Channel and RFID

Slashdot: Credit card companies bully / threaten Discovery into never airing Mythbusters Show on RFID security or lack thereof.

Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage recounts how credit card companies lawyered up to make sure the Discovery channel never, ever airs a segment on the flaws in RFID security: "Texas Instruments comes on [a scheduled conference call] along with chief legal counsel for American Express, Visa, Discover, and everybody else... They [Mythbusters producers] were way, way outgunned and they [lawyers] absolutely made it really clear to Discovery that they were not going to air this episode talking about how hackable this stuff was, and Discovery backed way down being a large corporation that depends upon the revenue of the advertisers. Now it's on Discovery's radar and they won't let us go near it."

Sauces: Slashdot, Consumerist and BoingBoing.
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Internet scrapings, offbeat news and other oddities.

Telescopic Text: I made Tea. Or, illustrating the importance of brevity in creative writing. Via Cynical C blog.

How many camels is your girlfriend worth? Find out with this handy calculator. According to this thing, Kim is worth 37 camels, 6 goats and 0 sheep :D

5 lies you were taught in history class.

Answering the question "If you aren't doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?" concerning privacy versus security, or rather, liberty versus control.

Remember that priest proposing a beauty contest for nuns? Yeah, it's been cancelled.

Denver mint fails to levitate; 9/11 conspiracy theorist has screaming match with Michelle Malkin; Democratic National Congress otherwise unremarkable.

Mom attempts to hack up her two adopted Chinese girls to death with an ax, then attempts to stab self, fails. She was overwhelmed with financial pressures and incredible stress and sought help over fears that she would harm her girls.

How the Soviets drilled the deepest hole in the world.

How to pick out the perfect pet tarantula.

NJ puppy scares off three bears.

Father who ran off reunited with the son he left behind, after 22 years... both doing hard time in the same prison for sex offenses. Awww. Via Fark, of course.

Man spends $10,000 on bar mitzvah. For his dog.

Two brothers burn down their grandma's house trying to play a prank on their cousin, who wasn't even home at the time. Alcohol may have been involved.

The Catholic Church is under growing pressure to abandon the exhumation and reburial of the body of one its most famous cardinals in defiance of his wish to lie for eternity next to the man he loved. So much WTFery here if you really think about it. If the Catholic stance on homosexuality is that it is wrong, then how did this guy end up (and remain) a Cardinal in the first place? If he was buried next to his lover, it's hardly a secret. And what does exhuming his corpse and moving him prove by now? And by this measure, aren't there dozens or hundreds more worthy (?) prominent deceased figures in the Catholic Church's history that should be exhumed and "chastized" long before this guy?

Cows have the ability to remember and recognize human faces. Also, research using Google Earth images has proved that cows have a magnetic sense, like birds.

The Mona Lisa remixed by various prominent modern artists. Hilarity ensues.
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Internet scrapings, offbeat news and other oddities for tonight

Nigerian advises against having 86 wives like he did.
Uh, thanks for the heads up. Bonus: He's a Muslim preacher who credits God for giving him the strength to control them. Oh also, some of his wives are younger than some of his children. Speaking of which, none of them actually work including himself, and he claims God provides the food required to feed and support this massive family - although the article also says his kids beg on the streets for money. LULWUT

Cops drive 4,100 miles from Kentucky to California and back to arrest the wrong man, buy souvenirs on the way, finally realize they got the wrong man upon their return home. The guy they arrested then gave them free haircuts before the cops put him on a plane back. Okay: wat

German police confiscate the world's fastest office chair. It had a lawnmower engine and brakes and was spotted being tested on the streets.

Micropenis defense: The lawyers defending a doctor accused of flashing an undercover cop argue that he could not have actually flashed anyone because his junk is way too small to be plainly visible. Bonus: one of the lawyers' names is Dick.

How to un-Google yourself.

Why you shouldn't grow your weed right on your driveway.

Also, this is why you shouldn't have a fart-lighting contest next to cans of gasoline. Quote from responding fireman: "I think he may have won."

Woman decides to fight shotgun-armed, 6'5", 215-pound convenience store thief... and wins. She actually broke his shotgun during the fight.

Discovery of two-mouthed fish in Alberta fuels oil-sands pollution fears.
This hot on the heels of another Alberta woman who can literally set her tapwater on fire (with pic proof of water spouting a tall blue flame).
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internet scrapings

Christian motorcycle gang held in assault and attempted murder charges after brawl with Hells Angels. wat

Actual headline: Grandma arrested for driving with child on roof. MARATHON, Fla. - Authorities say a grandmother was arrested for driving around the parking lot of a Marathon grocery store with her 3-year-old child sitting on the roof of the car.

The world's largest flower stinks of rotting meat or rancid cheese, looks very much like a giant penis, takes up to 15 years to bloom and has an indescribably awful smell for about 12 hours when it first opens.

US Border agents confiscate laptop because it has gay porn on it. According to those close to the CBSA, it not an uncommon story. And as the Supreme Court of Canada has pointed out in the Little Sister's bookstore case, porn that would be perfectly legal to make, sell and possess in Canada is often stopped at the border. Academic papers, fictions, letters and correspondence, bootlicking pictures, family photos — it can all get you in trouble.

Hackers get kicked out of hacker conference for hacking.

Awesome solar panel table is awesome.
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Reviewing the first class suite of the new Emirates A380 in SFO.
A must-read:
Business Class seats are small pods that offer lie-flat seats, a large-screen video display, decent privacy, and a personal beverage station. First Class "suites" offer even more privacy, burlwood trim, a large-screen video display, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of gold-chrome trim, and a retractable personal beverage station.
First Class passengers enjoy access to the aircraft's two showers. Yes! Showers! Each of the 14 First Class passengers can enjoy a 5-minute shower in one of two private lounges, each of which looks vaguely like something one might expect to find in a Napa Valley golf club. Two dedicated shower attendants clean and freshen the rooms after each use, and the A380 carries an extra half-ton of water to meet the personal-hygiene needs of these elite First Class passengers. In aeronautical terms, that's super decadent.

'Fakeproof' microchip e-passport cloned and faked in minutes, fools UN scanners. The Times Online reports that those microchipped passports the UK gov't boasted would be impossible to fake "can be cloned and manipulated in minutes and accepted as genuine by the computer software recommended for use at international airports." 3,000 blank passports were stolen last week, but the Home Office said there was nothing to worry about, because they couldn't be forged.
In the tests, a computer researcher cloned the chips on two British passports and implanted digital images of Osama bin Laden and a suicide bomber. The altered chips were then passed as genuine by passport reader software used by the UN agency that sets standards for e-passports.

Woman finds Jesus in a pack of Cheetos.
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Via BoingBoing: How to Block or kill an RFID chip.

In summary:

-The easiest way to kill an RFID, and be sure that it is dead, is to throw it in the microwave for 5 seconds. Doing this will literally melt the chip and antenna making it impossible for the chip to ever be read again. Unfortunately this method has a certain fire risk associated with it. Killing an RFID chip this way will also leave visible evidence that it has been tampered with, making it an unsuitable method for killing the RFID tag in passports. Doing this to a credit card will probably also screw with the magnetic strip on the back making it un-swipeable.

-The second, slightly more convert and less damaging, way to kill an RFID tag is by piercing the chip with a knife or other sharp object. This can only be done if you know exactly where the chip is located within the tag. This method also leaves visible evidence of intentional damage done to the chip, so it is unsuitable for passports.

-The third method is cutting the antenna very close to the chip. By doing this the chip will have no way of receiving electricity, or transmitting its signal back to the reader. This technique also leaves minimal signs of damage, so it would probably not be a good idea to use this on a passport.

-The last (and most covert) method for destroying a RFID tag is to hit it with a hammer. Just pick up any ordinary hammer and give the chip a few swift hard whacks. This will destroy the chip, and leave no evidence that the tag has been tampered with. This method is suitable for destroying the tags in passports, because there will be no proof that you intentionally destroyed the chip.

SO much win.

Via BoingBoing.net:
The Billboard Liberation Front strikes again.


February 27, 2008
San Francisco, CA

The Billboard Liberation Front today announced a major new advertising improvement campaign executed on behalf of clients AT&T and the National Security Agency. Focusing on billboards in the San Francisco area, this improvement action is designed to promote and celebrate the innovative collaboration of these two global communications giants.

“This campaign is an extraordinary rendition of a public-private partnership,” observed BLF spokesperson Blank DeCoverly. “These two titans of telecom have a long and intimate relationship, dating back to the age of the telegraph. In these dark days of Terrorism, that should be a comfort to every law-abiding citizen with nothing to hide.”

AT&T initially downplayed its heroic efforts in the War on Terror, preferring to serve in silence behind the scenes. “But then we realized we had a PR win on our hands,” noted AT&T V.P. of Homeland Security James Croppy. “Not only were we helping NSA cut through the cumbersome red tape of the FISA system, we were also helping our customers by handing over their e-mails and phone records to the government. Modern life is so hectic – who has time to cc the feds on every message? It’s a great example of how we anticipate our customers’ needs and act on them. And, it should be pointed out, we offered this service free of charge.”

Commenting on the action, and responding to questions about pending privacy litigation and the stalled Congressional effort to shield the telecoms from these lawsuits, NSA spokesperson [REDACTED] remarked: “[REDACTED] we [REDACTED] condone [REDACTED] warrantless [REDACTED], [REDACTED] SIGINT intercepts, [REDACTED] torture [REDACTED] information retrieval by [REDACTED] means necessary.”

“It’s a win-win-win situation,” noted the BLF’s DeCoverly. “NSA gets the data it needs to keep America safe, telecom customers get free services, and AT&T makes a fortune. That kind of cooperation between the public and private sectors should serve as a model to all of us, and a harbinger of things to come.”

Come see the improvement at 14th St. and Valencia St. in San Francisco

The BLF (www.billboardliberation.com) has been improving outdoor advertising since 1977. Prior campaigns have included work for Exxon, R.J. Reynolds, and Apple Computers.

AT&T (www.att.com) is America’s favorite telecommunications trust. Based in San Antonio, Texas, it has over 300,000 employees and annual revenues of $117 Billion.

NSA (www.nsa.gov) is the largest intelligence organization in the world. Headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, its budget, personnel, products, and services are all classified.

Blank DeCoverly
BLF Minister of Propaganda