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Via BoingBoing: Russian office worker completely loses it, goes nuts, wrecks shit up.

http://view.break.com/513310 - Watch more free videos

This is a real-life "the Office" outrage caught by security camera. There is a follow up video clip (with audio) to this caught via cell phone by one of the employees on the scene, which shows the outraged worker eventually got tazed. Not clear exactly where it happened, but some people wrote in that this happened in Russia. I guess the corporate world can drive people to the brink of insanity anywhere in the world."

Real or fake? I don't know.

Another link with a second video, with sound.

In my job in Faridabad working for a so-called Christian ministry / charity, there wasn't a day after the first three weeks that I didn't want to do exactly this. There were key moments when I did flip out, cry, punch a hole in a wall, but nothing even close to this guy. In retrospect I wish I had but oh well.

Inexplicably, this guy is my new hero o.O
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I'm trying to geotag my Flickr pics.

The experience is monumentally epic fail, wrapped in AIDS with a bow and ribbon of additional bonus fail.

Screenshot, ironically uploaded to Flickr:

How this shit ever caught on is beyond me.

It's possible the internet connection here at work acting up, although everyone else is surfing happily and all other sites work.

EDIT: Turns out Yahoo maps hates Opera. Works fine in Firefox. Also, I finally get why Flickr is so awesome.

About time too.
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If bad language offends you, then get the fuck off my friends list.

(I say that because I actually had someone bitch at me for swearing.  On my own private friends only LiveJournal.  On the internet.)

I'm in one of those horrible moods that won't go away anytime soon.  I hate when I'm in this kind of mood and can't snap out of it.  It was a long day, but my ADIML post being deleted without warning by some power-mad-moderator for violating some incredibly anal, over-the-top rule certainly didn't help.  (And bear in mind I can in fact be pretty anal about following rules myself.)  Just for the record, the post probably got deleted because I said "60 something pics" on the LJ cut instead of "60 pics," apparently that's another new rule that wasn't there before (I'd been in that community for about two years).

Anyway, in the last few months or so LiveJournal in general has become a bigger and bigger pain in the ass and hassle more than something fun and cathartic and healthy.  Especially since some of my closest friends never even post anymore, and my friendslist has become cumbersome and bloated more than anything else.  So I cleaned out my friendslist (basically deleting people who never post anyway).  I'm not even sure I want to hang around anymore, I might just delete this journal altogether.  My life generally sucks enough nowdays that even LiveJournal doesn't help.  Which is really saying something.

Off I go to get breakfast before my stomach goes and fucking digests itself.
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bbc: internet regulators have rejected plans to create a domain for pornography websites ending with the .xxx suffix.
not all of us are stupid enough to actually believe you really did want to protect minors from porn (which is their parents' job, btw) and not censor and ultimately control the internet.  and even those of us stupid enough to believe that, can't possibly also really think that it could actually work.

in other words, that's right, leave my internet free and the fuck alone, you vile, hypocritical, amoral privacy and freedom-of-speech-loathing assholes.  you haven't won just yet.
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okay, so the next person to post about that judas iscariot bullshit is gonna get bitchslapped. 

i'll sell all my possessions, duct tape myself to a cargo plane, come to your house, and slap you, your children, kick your dog, and take a dump on your keyboard, you flaming retard.

we now return you to your reguarly scheduled friendslist.
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it really truly sucks to be me right now.

my windows cd is scratched.  i found this out while reinstalling windows.  which means i was stuck with no operating system. 

so now i'm using ubunu linux again.  in case my previous fiasco wasn't a clue, ubunu linux sucks it hardcore.  why?  okay, here are the main reasons that come to mind at this particular sleep deprived homicidal moment:

  1. ubuntu, nor nothing in it, can play an mp3.  even though it has several "music" playing programs.  i suppose its called that because of the little error ding sound it makes when it tells you it can't play an mp3.  so no music.
  2. ubuntu can't play any movies either.  even though it has at least one "media" player.  i'm, well, speechless.
  3. oh and ubuntu does not / will not read the other partitions on my hard drive, where all my precious usable data lies sitting, inaccessable.  so i guess it's just as well that the media players in ubuntu are about as useful as a bicycle to a fish.  or ubuntu to my computer for that matter.
though i guess i can't complain.  at least i can technically surf the net.  although that's literally all i can freaking do with my computer now.  i am teh angst.

i must be a very bad person to deserve this right now.

all i know is, i hate windows, i hate linux, and i can't afford a mac.  i need a new operating system that actually works and is useful at the same time. 

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