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Internet scrapings

Today's internet scrapings post is not as heavy as usual, because my sinus is killing me while I work from home. Sorry :(

About Eek the Geek, a circus sideshow freak who left the circus to become the world's most tattooed lawyer.

See also: The world's most tattooed granny, and the world's most tattooed mayor, and (probably) the world's most tattooed cop slash architect.

On a related note, a legendary rant I posted a while back on people's attitudes / reactions to body modification.

Famous people who were once homeless.

A gallery of "insane" (read: RETARDED) bicycles.

YouTube of Big Bird singing at Jim Henson's funeral. Got something in my eye, etc.

All about a new trend where people are opting to live in tiny, minimalist shed like houses of barely 100 square feet.
Now, they live in a place so small, he and his wife use a ladder to climb into their bed every night. The downstairs has a sitting area, tiny kitchen and bathroom in a space that's 98 square feet. The upstairs loft has a bed in 56 square feet of space. They keep extra clothes in their car. (...) The upside? The house cost them $15,000, and the utilities are a mere $15 a month. The couple now live on property owned by their daughter in California wine country, where the average home in 2007 cost $725,000. If they want to leave, the home has wheels and can be pulled behind their vehicle and plugged into any RV park in the nation.

Don't miss the offbeat news updates over at fivethreenews or 53news.blogspot.com/, meticulously tagged for your amusement and my OCD. Today's new tag: Facebook. :D
word can help write your suicide note

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California uses more gasoline than all of China, among some other interesting statistics.

Pet goldfish gets a lip piercing. For the record, goldfish do NOT have 30 second memory.

Orchids are literally having sex bees and wasps, apparently.

CNN reporter investigates / criticizes TSA, finds self on terror watchlist. Meanwhile Bin Laden still at large, etc. This watchlist has crossed one million names.

Teenage stoners arrested after digging up the corpse of an 11 year old boy and using its skull as a bong. Complete with bad pun headline.

Porn queen and terrifying sex maniac Belladonna says priests need sreet-level knowledge of sex and a supply porn so they won't go around f*cking little boys. FTA: She also has offered to donate some of her own time to help set up a "meaningful set of exercises for priests to help them deal with sexual tension and stress".
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Guess what this particular gentleman does for a living:

a) Circus freak
b) Tattoo artist
c) Extreme sports athlete
d) Rock musician
e) Drug dealer
f) New York City cop

Click on his pic to go to the modblog page for the answer.

Also, I'm sure it's not the first thing people notice about him, but he has really amazing eyes.
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It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

Elaine Davidson, pictured here getting yet another piercing, is the world's most pierced human being according to the Guinnes Book of World Records.

At last official count, she has a grand total of 3,920 piercings all over her body, weighing about 3 kilos or about 6.5 pounds altogether, but the number keeps going up.

She does not drink or do drugs.

Originally a nurse by trade, Elaine is 43, hails from Brazil and lives in the United Kingdom where she runs a theatre workshop.
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via windswepteyeglasses that mount to your nose through a piercing between the eyes.

also via windswept:
From The Consumerist: If you’re curious exactly how far the government’s data mining is going, the Wall Street Journal has a scary article up about how the government is literally combing through every single record you have these days for evidence of criminality. It doesn’t stop at the nation’s telecoms: your AOL account, your bank records, any record that could possibly be used against you is routinely being requested by and granted to the Federal Government.
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in a classic case of history repeating itself, my eyebrow piercing got infected.   it might have been when i was trying to sleep and a mosquito kept buzzing about my face, so i absent-mindedly swatted at it and whacked my just-healed eyebrow really hard.  it hurt but i went back to sleep.  the next day i realized it was swelling up slowly, and today it was worse and getting slightly painful.  when i went to the boys room here at work to finally take it out, i realized how bad it really was.  but anyways.  

also, in my insanely busy weekend just gone by i subsisted on little more than enormous amounts of black coffee, pepsi, some ice cream here and there and very little actual food, and this means i now have this really painful sore in the back of my tongue.  talking is diffucult and eating is agony.  

so that pretty much sucks :-(
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